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Friday, December 24, 2010

Funny Xmas Events at Jaben~!~

We are going to make a fun of you guys, if you wore something red or fits with the Christmas theme (Santa hat, thick red coat, Santa’s beard) on Christmas to our store, we will let you have a very worthwhile mysterious gift! I dare you will wear those! "This event has PASSED DUE!!!"

There is another event that will happen in our Facebook community. We will NOT have lucky draws this time but we want you to guess: how many teddy bears in our store and how many glass hippo is in our glass display rack. The first gentleman or lady who got the answer correct will be given a Final Audio Earbud - Piano Forte II as a Christmas gift. This event will end at our New year: 1st January 2011 and we will pick the closest guess if nobody got it right! One person is only entitled to have one guessing.

If you don't know how the Glass Hippo and Teddy Bear. Post your answers in the comment.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hi Everyone,

We are so excited, this will be the first Christmas that we celebrated in our store, have you confirmed your attendances, yes you are right. Jaben is still open on Christmas day.....why???? Coz this is not a store, Jaben are just a place that people came, and feels home, that is the reason why, we called ourself "Jaben Network"....

To Everyone that may come over on Christmas day, we have prepared some present for you. you just need to, draw yourself a correct pingpong ball when you come. and you are entitled to choose the presents. That is totally on first come first serve basis.

And what more? Of Coz, our bundles.....our specials......This is only for Part1 (Chritmas Eve), Part2(Christmas Day), Part 3(Boxing Day)...You are entitled to get the price for all three days.....

Part 1
1. Alessandro Ms1i + Metal Mod + Alessandro Case (S) = Retail@RM750/Special@RM499
2. Alessandro MS1i + Metal headphone stand + Final Audio Piano Forte II = Retail@RM919/Special@RM549
3. Shure SE210 + Hippo Gumstick + Final Audio Piano Forte II = Retail@RM969/Special@RM559
4. Denon C710 + Beyer DT231pro + Hippo Case (S) = Retail@RM820/Special@RM599
5. Sennheiser CX300-II + Hippo VB + Hippo Box Amp = Retail@RM849/Special@RM499
6. Djays + Hippo Box Amp = Retail@RM699/Special@RM399

If you are yet to find your love one a special present. you shall know what to go for now, get them a good music, that will make them enjoy as yours every moment. Or, if you are yet to get yourself a gift, make yourself heaven feels by one purchases...you will make your stress release...and.......you will understand, why we are always be so happiness.....

See you, during this special period.......Remember,
~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hunt you treasures here boys and girls!

Treasures, how should I open it?

Key? Nop
Chants? Neh
Secret code? Yea!

Hey guys,
Let's share our treasures, with ?
Secret code!!!

We are giving you all with treasure.
How do you get the code?
Very easy

Send email to choonbeng@jaben.com.my
with your personal information
Name :
Handphone number :
Email address :

I will send you a secret codes
Which allows you to open our treasure box.

Date : 20th december

Only those with this code are eligible to discover the truth.

The truth of unique breakthrough,

The sacred bundles.

Each only eligible to one set.


Key in the Code......

"Code Authentication..... Code Verified....."

Yes !! i'm on for the treasure chest

"Code Error, Extra Information required"

Oh Shit....

In Order to Open the chest, Please answer the following question

"What are the brands does Jaben Audio Malaysia distributing??"

Please Email choonbeng@jaben.com.my or PM choonbeng in Headjam.org with the answer and the code, each people only has one chance, take it seriously!!

For brand reference, Please head over to lelong.com.my and search for "Jaben". Brands distributing including earphone/headphone/cable/amplifier/Dac...

Date : 20 December 2010

Prize : Something from Olympus (1 set)

For those who failed my expectation, don't lose your hope yet, we are giving you mystery bundles in 00:00 20th December 2010 too

Only those who has code, which entitled the sacredness.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Middle-Month Sales....

Hi guys, we meet once again

Special year, special month, special day indeed.
Special bundles again eh? Yes definitely, however we will have special thing this time again.

Do you guys still remember the last time you are anxious on certain big sales which made you so excited to know the deals?

Yeah of course, we gonna have something good.
Time : 12am everyday
Date : Start from december 15, 16, 17
Product : Insanity

Yes, we are going to show how crazy we are. Start from december 15, we are going to give you non stop 3 days surprises, from 12am, 00:00 everyday we will post up our crazy things in


Pay attention, if not you will slip up all those crazy goodies which only offer on those days.

Happy December,

Jaben Malaysia Crazy Team
~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Special on December - Treasure Hunting Bundle!

Treasures, how should I open it?

Key? Nop
Chants? Neh
Secret code? Yea!

Hey guys,
Let's share our treasures, with ?
Secret code!!!

We are giving you all with treasure.
How do you get the code?
Very easy

Send email to choonbeng@jaben.com.my
with your personal information
Name :
Handphone number :
Email address :

I will send you a secret codes
Which allows you to open our treasure box.

Date : 20th december

Only those with this code are eligible to discover the truth.

The truth of unique breakthrough,

The sacred bundles.

Each only eligible to one set.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yet another "like" event and Piano Forte II Preorder

HI Everyone,

it been quite long, we never have a "like" lucky draw in FACEBOOK.
please just like this comments, and we will draw a winner.

...winner get a IEM, Adjustable Bass, Crossroads Quattro.

Please "Like" us now, and please remember to benefit this to your friends, share it to your friends.

Another news is our Final Audio Design Piano Forte II is selling like hotcakes now!, please preorder it if you like to have it.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crazy... crazy December...

Hi guys, we meet once again.

Special year, special month, special day indeed.

Special bundles again? Yes definitely. however we will have special thing this time again.

Do you guys still remember the last time you are anxious on certain big sales which made you so excited to know the deal?

Yea off course, we gonna have something good.

Time: 12am everyday
Date: Start from December 15, 16, 17
Product: Insanity

Yes, we are going to show how crazy we are, start from December 15, we are going to give you non-stop 3 days surprise, from 12am we will post up our crazy thing in www.headjam.org

Pay attention, if not you will slip up all those crazy goodies which only offer on those days.

Happy December,

Jaben Malaysia Crazy Team

Monday, November 29, 2010

Penang Jazz Festival 2010 and audiophile meet at Penang

On 3rd to 5th of December, it is one of our big days that Jaben is going to take part as one of the exhibitor in Penang Jazz Festival 2010. It will be a thrill to see all the Jazz stars and bands and famous performers on stage. We can't wait to be there!

In conjunction to this festival, we will have a audiophile meet at the festival. Sharing and testing is most welcomed. On the other hand, tons and tons of attractive bundles to be purchased, lucky draws to be won. Be sure to come to this fantastic event and have a fruitful journey!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love from Jaben, Specials that we will have in December

Hi everyone,
To all who loves Jaben
To all who supports us
To all who cares about us
Thank you all for supporting us so far in our journey, it’s memorable, unforgettable. We growth and gained a lot experience from you guys.
Once again, thank you and
~~Jaben Love You~~

How do we show our LOVE to you?
As this coming December, it’s the end of this wonderful year, the year which Jaben Malaysia retail store establish, the year we stepped out the first step, and the last page in our journey book in this year.
Let’s Celebrate!!

For the upcoming month, we are going to schedule up a series of promotions, promotion that you won’t expect and experienced before.
Please follow up this topic and pay attention; we will announce our special in headjam.org sponsor's Jaben Network thread. www.headjam.org Jaben's thread

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Announcement of Jaben Malaysia's rest day

Hey guys, we are sad/happy(?) to announce that we have finally decided one day for the store to have a rest. We have been opening for a few months without rest since April. I think we deserve some rest. Please come on other day ya! Remember that Jaben always love you!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A courtesy to all the Malaysian headphiles...

Hi bloggers, we have came out with another new ideas of bundles at

Here is the summary of what it has:

Bundle 1 # - 1 Set Only
Final Audio Heaven S
Govibe PPK
Cryo Copper IC

Retail Price : RM2660
Bundle Price : RM1899

Bundle 2 #
Radius DDM
Hippo Ten
Ordnance .22 Amp

Retail Price : RM1269
Bundle Price : RM999

Bundle 3 #
Beyerdynamic DT231pro
Crossroads Bijou 3
Hippo Boom

Retail Price : RM570
Bundle Price : RM389

Bundle 4 # - 2 sets only
Hippo Gumstick
Hippo Ten
Hippo Box Amp

Retail Price : RM659
Bundle Price : RM489

Limited unit only......react faster before it is gone....

Jaben Love You

Monday, November 15, 2010

Product Arrival & Forum Lucky Draw

Hi Everyone,

Have you registered our forum? and make a post at lucky draw pages, if you are not, do it now and 8 Megapixel Camera are waiting for you..

Also, we have a lot of goodies landed to Malaysia.....Come over and try out the sets, Corda Concerto + Stage DAC...It is very awesome.....and the long waiting, earsonics SM3....it is finally here...

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deepavali Special!!!

Yo Jabenese,

Happy Deepavali to all our Indian Friends!!!

Yes, we are here to announce good news for everyone, to celebrate this wonderful festival!!

Special Bundle, For Deepavali Day!!

We have some good bundles only providing in LIMITED QUANTITY.

Head Over to our Forum to check it out

New Stocks Arrival!!!

Hi Boys and Girls,

Yes, we have tons of new things in our store now, something you dont expect at all.

Something New
Something Special
Something you don't expect at all

Just head over to Headjam.Org forum http://headjam.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=60.


Lucky Draw!! AGAIN!!

Hi Guys and Girls,

Once again, we have super lucky draw again!!!
however, this time we gonna try something new~

Headphone? Nop
Earphone? Nah
Amplifier? Not again

It is Camera!!!

This time we gonna give out a 8.0 MegaPixel Camera.

How to take part??
Just head over to our Headjam.org Forum, Register and post, and you will be entitled for the lucky draw!!!

http://headjam.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=11 <<< Join now and BE FAST!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Malaysia own headphile forum!

Hello everybody, Jaben has sponsored a Malaysian own headphile forum as in www.headjam.org
There is lucky draw over there, don't miss the chance and have fun!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Join our Facebook for the Lucky Draw

Hi Ladies and Gentleman,

This will be a joined contest with Facebook... @Jaben Malaysia

We have been quite long never have our Lucky Draw.....Let's make it interesting, Please reply with "thought" of Hippo Brand products, Winner gets " Hippo Ten" IEMs :D

Lucky Draw ended 22.10.2010

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jaben Event at Taylor College!!!

Are you a Taylor's student? or any of your friends are studying in taylor? We will be having a charity roadshow over Taylor Main Campus, 9am-6pm. Get your friends sto support us, we will be having a special bundle over there :D Stay Tuned, bundle will be announce later :D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Arrival @ 30.09.2010

Hi Everyone....

The long waiting stock is arriving to Malaysia......

1. Beyerdynamic T1 - The highest End Beyer Class Headphone
2. Ibasso D2+ DAC/AMP
3. Ibasso D4 Mamba
4. Ibasso D10 Cobra
5. Ibasso DB1 Boomslang - First Portable DAC in the world
6. Ibasso PB1 Toucan - Affordable Balanced Amp

and the long waiting products

1. RSA P-51 Mustang
2. Centrence DACport
3. Westone UM1 - booked
4. Shure SE535 - limited unit again.

See you on this weekend to try this exciting new arrivals.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jaben Malaysia
Feature available to Store Members
Be Glad! Our Newest Bundle only for our Lelong Store!!!, this is the only place you can get this crazy bundle!!!, units available while stock last.

Bundle**CrossRoad Bijou 3 In Ear Earphone + Sennheiser HD201 Headphone

CrossRoadBijou 3 RM170
Sennheiser HD 201 RM 110

Retail Price : RM 280
Bundle Price : RM179!!!

Isn't That Crazy??? Hurry up and grab this thing before other does!!!

Please stay tune and update from our lelong store, we will have crazy
bundles occasionally, which will only available from us with crazy
awesome items and awesome price you wont get it in anywhere in the
world! Come and inform your friends, share with them with this news!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi Everyone Grin Grin

Something good have arrived. It is time to pay Jaben a visit Cheesy Cheesy

1. Hippo Gumstick MP3 Player - Class A Built In & FLAC playback
2. Hippo Ten IEMs - Wide Stages Neutral IEM
3. Maverick D1 Amp/DAC - Affordable DAC & Amp
4. Audio Technica ESW9, ES55, ES7, CKS70, CK7, CK10, FC700, ACN7b, AD700, AD900, A500.
5. Radius DDM - Black Version :Smiley :Smiley
6. Shure SE535 - sold Sad
7. Linearossa W3 DAC/AMP
8. Govibe Martini AMP, Petite DAC, PPK Amp,
9. Ordnance .22 Amp, .25 Amp/DAC
10. Cryo Copper and new Cryo Silver Grin Grin
11. Ajays - 2 Grin
12. Kplisch S4 - Try it before it gone, very limited Angry
13. Rudistor IMD3 - another must try IEM Grin
14. HifiMan RE0, RE1 Cheesy
15. Graham Slee Solo Amp - :Smiley
16. Westone UM1 - booked Sad, UM3x detachable
17. Sony LOD - good to sony users Grin
18. DT770 80ohm, 250ohm - details king Cheesy

Also, You shall not miss the chances to test up these :

1. Sennheiser HD650 - All sold, left 1 last unit :Smiley :Smiley
2. Sennheiser CX200
3. Sennheiser CX300-II
4. Sennheiser HD202
5. Sennheiser HD201

The last chances to try the Shure Legend, SE530. We have it ready in stock with good bundles. Try it before it gone. The unit is discontinued. Don't miss the last chance.

Hope to see you during this weekend.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random big saving bundles @ 23/09/2010

Hi Everyone

You gonna to have big savings again, announce the new specials for some products

1. Audio Technica CKM90

Audio Technica CKM90
Crossroads Bijou 3
Fiio E3

Retail Price : RM860
Special Price : RM699

Audio Technica CKM90
Hippo Shroom EB
Hippo Box Amplifier

Retail Price : RM1145
Special Price : RM899

2. Grado SR80i

Grado SR80i
Hippo Shroom EB
Hippo Safari

Retail Price : RM702
Special Price : RM499

Grado SR80i
Govibe Martini Amp
Crossroads Bijou 3

Retail Price : RM1042
Special Price : RM759

3. Sennheiser HD595

Sennheiser HD595
Crossroads Headphone Stand
Hippo Case - Big
Hippo VB

Retail Price : RM1542
Special Price : RM1099

Sennheiser HD595
Govibe PPK Amplifier
Hippo Case

Retail Price : RM2102
Special Price : RM1799

4. Denon AH-D501

Denon AH-D501
Hippo Safari
Hippo Groove

Retail Price : RM399
Special Price : RM299

Denon AH-D501
Fiio E3
Hippo Boom

Retail Price : RM445
Special Price : RM339

5. Beyerdynamic DT440

Beyerdynamic DT440
.22 Ordnance Amplifier
Hippo Case

Retail Price : RM1140
Special Price : RM899

Beyerdynamic DT440
Crossroads Bijou 3
Crossroads Stand

Retail Price : RM850
Special Price : RM649

6. Corda XXS

Corda XXS Amplifier
Cryo Copper/Silver IC
Crossroads Idock

Retail Price : RM960
Special Price : RM799

Please drop by us with your friends & family to enjoy better music.

~~~Jaben Love you~~~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Lucky Draw!!! A new Hippo Ten!!!

Hi, it's been a while since we have a lucky draw then... Please "Like" our post in facebook, winners gets a new Hippo Ten!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hari Raya Announcements and Special Bundles..

Greetings! to all the jabenies. I wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. While I kindly request you guys to forgive us if we did or spoke anything wrong or offended.

We also want to let you guys know we are remained open during the Hari Raya festival weekend. Do drop by when you are free...

Least but not least we will announce another huge sets of bundles... This will last for all along the Hari Raya month!

Bundle 1 #
Go-Vibe PPK
Cryo Gold/Copper
CrossRoad LOD
Retail Price : RM 1500
Bundle Price : RM999

Bundle 2 #
UE Triple Fi. 10
Go-Vibe PPK
Cryo gold/copper
Retail Price : 2500
Bundle Price : 2050

Bundle 3 #
Koss Portapro
Hippo White
Fiio E3
Retail Price: RM 354
Bundle Price : RM259

Bundle 4 #
Westone UM1
Hippo Box Amplifier
Beyerdynamic DT231
Retail Price : RM1030
Bundle Price : RM799

Bundle 5 #
Grado SR80
.22 Ordnance Amplifier
Alessandro Small Case
Retail Price : RM 1012
Bundle Price : RM749

Bundle 6 #
BeyerDynamic DT880 250ohm
CrossRoad edge Amp
CrossRoad headphone stand
DT880 Replacement earpad
Hippo Case Big
Retail Price : RM2260
Bundle Price : RM1600

Bundle 7 #
Hippo VB
Fiio E3
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Retail Price : RM475
Bundle Price : RM 319

Bundle 8 #
Hippo Groove
Fiio E3
Hippo Safari
Retail Price : RM 174
Bundle Price : RM 99

Bundle 9 #
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Denon D501
Fiio E3
Retail Price : RM 445
Bundle Price : RM329

Bundle 10 #
Go-vibes single amplifier
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Retail Price : RM1090
Bundle Price : RM699

Bundle 11#
FutureSonice Atrios
Govibe Single
Hippo VB
Retail Price : RM 1220
Bundle Price : RM 850

Bundle 12 #
UE Super fi 5
Hippo Box Amplifier
Hippo Boom
Retail Price : RM1100
Bundle Price : RM759

Bundle 13 #
Beyer Dynamic DT440
Hippo Case Big
CrossRoad Headphone Stand
Go-vibe Single
Retail Price : RM 1150
Bundle Price : RM 859

Monday, September 6, 2010

New amps has arrived...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our Muslim. We just receive some very special and rare portable amps... It is the Graham Slee Voyager. Many liked its ultra neutral signature and we only had two... With a very attractive price... Grab them before they are gone...

Voyager Headphone Amplifier

Sunday, August 29, 2010

National Day Celebration

Hi Everyone,

Let Celebrate together for Malaysia's 53rd birthday...Shall we have some specials to get ourself enjoy better music on 31.08.2010?
Let have fun at Jaben Malaysia Store and you gonna to get this specials on the special day for Malaysian....31.08.2010.

Bundle 1
Govibe Sharps - RM999
Cryo Gold/Copper IC - RM310
Hippo VB - RM270

National Day Price -RM999 - Only limited to 2 sets

Bundle 2
Hippo Boom - RM150
Hippo Box Amplifier - RM300
Hippo Groove - RM59

National Day Price - RM299

Bundle 3
Beyerdynamic MMX1 - RM400
Crossroads Headphone Stand - RM120
Hippo White - RM120

National Day Price -RM399

Bundle 4
Beyerdynamic DT440 - RM560
Ordnance .22 Amp - RM460
Cryo Copper/Gold IC - RM310
Idock - RM50

National Day Price - RM899

Bundle 5
Hippo VB - RM270
Govibe Single - RM350
Itouch Ampsack - RM120

National Day Price - RM399

Bundle 6
Crossroads Woddy2 - RM350
Govibe DAC - RM240
Sennheiser HD201 - RM110

National Day Price - RM459

Let Celebrate together with your friends/family at Jaben Store....See you then.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Mystery amp

Something big is coming, something speciallll...
It is a very formidable amp...
Take a guess what amp it is gonna be...
Here is the sneak peeks...

Take a guess in our facebook, the first one who got it correct will have a Hippo Groove as prize

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Special day special bundles

I very good weekend to all our ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we will have a very special event on Tuesday (24 August 2010) because... After u guys come u all will know what it is... Lolz. Anyway, let's start the ball rolling by having another one day crazy bundle.

Everyone loves the sound of the armature driver, phanggg~ and the smoothness of the music right?

U guys will have:

Portable One Day Crazy Bundle
D-Jays (RM399) plus
Beyerdynamic DT231 (RM250) plus
Fiio E3 (RM35) plus
Glass hippo (price unknown. Memorable piece of present)
For only RM399!!!

Home One Day Crazy Bundle
Audio Technica AD300 (RM260)
Hippo VB (RM270)
Glass hippo (price unknown, Memorable piece of present)
For only RM299!!!

Only for one day event. Everyone is limited to have one set each only, if u want more, bring your friends along.
Oh and oh, please guess who is the mysterious guess.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Entry Bundle and Stock Arrival @ 12.06.2010

Ladies and Gentleman...

Thanks for making us succeed with our entry bundle, the good respond make us move, it motivate us to have wider range of entry bundle....


Also, we have some new arrival of AKG Products,


Please drop by with your friends, make your friends enjoy music differently, and make him love music as you do.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

+6016 7979 276

Monday, August 9, 2010

New lineup of Hippo Products

Jaben Malaysia We just started selling some affordable range of Hippo products in lowyat (I mean officially put on sales). They can be found here... Come increase your Hippo product range! =P

Lowyat: New line-up of Hippos

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Entry Bundle - We Love Music

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for making us succeed for the KLAV 2010. We appreciate on your support and we wan to spread the love of good music. As such, we have some entry bundle that limited in quantity. Please spread the love of music to your friends, and make your friends an audiophiles.

Entry Bundle 1 #
1. Sennheiser HD201
2. Hippo VB
3. Hippo Amp

Total Price - RM640
Bundle Price - RM399

Entry Bundle 2 #
1. Hippo Gumstick
2. Crossroads Woddy 2
3. Hippo Groove

Total Price - RM728
Bundle Price - RM499

Entry Bundle 3 #
1. Crossroads Woddy 2
2. Hippo Box Amplifier
3. Sennheiser HD201

Total Price - RM760
Bundle Price - RM499

Entry Bundle 4 #
1. Beyerdynamic DT231pro
2. Hippo Amplifier
3. Hippo White

Total Price - RM630
Bundle Price - RM399

Entry Bundle 5 #
1. Shure SRH440
2. Ordnance .22 Amplifier
3. Crossroads Bijou 3

Total Price - RM1028
Bundle Price - RM599

Entry Bundle 6 #
1. Crossroads Bijou 3
2. Hippo Box Amplifier
3. Koss KSC75

Total Price - RM599
Bundle Price - RM349

Entry Bundle 7 #
1. Djays
2. Hippo Gumstick
3. Hippo Box Amplifier

Total Price - RM1018
Bundle Price - RM599

All Bundle limited in Quantity.

Drop by us to testing and make your right move before it gone.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

+6016 7979 276

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hifishow - Special Bundle

Ladies and Gentleman,

Here's to announce the long long waiting hifishow bundle.....

>>>>>Jaben Malaysia - HifiShow Long Long Long Bundle <<<<<

Drop by us with your friends, family, lover and our beloved Jabenist......Click the link for justify for you coming :D :D :D :D

See you there.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pre-hifi show bundles!!!

Hi Everyone,

Shall we have the pre-hifi show bundle?? for one day time?? 21.07.2010

Bundle 1
Hippo VB - RM299
Hippo White - RM120
Fiio E3 - RM35

Total Price - RM454
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM339

Bundle 2
Marevick D1 - RM770
Ms1i - RM420
Hippo Shroom EB - RM190

Total Price - RM1380
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM999

Bundle 3
Hippo Groove - RM59
KSC75 - RM129
Fiio E3 - RM35

Total Price - RM223
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM179

Bundle 4
Hippo White - RM120
Audio Technica CKM90 - RM650
Linearossa W1 - RM320

Total Price - RM1090
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM799

Bundle 5
Crossroads Woddy - RM350
Linearossa W1 - RM320
Igrado - RM198

Total Price - RM868
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM699

Bundle 6
Beyerdynamic DT231pro - RM250
Fiio E3 - RM35
Hippo Boom - RM150

Total Price - RM435
Pre-Hifishow Specials - RM299

Please drop by us before the hifishow for these specials......and shall we introduce the good music to our friends?


~~~Jaben Love You~~~

016 7979 276

HifiShow - Product Arrival for coming HifiShow

Ladies and Gentleman....

We have so so so many interesting product arrived to Jaben Malaysia....

1. Lavry DA11
2. Marevick D1
3. Alessandro MsPro
4. Denon D7k
5. Beyer T50P
6. Hippo Gumstick
7. Hippo Shroom EB
8. Hippo VB
9. Crossroads Woddy 2
10. Crossroads Bijou 3
11. Hippo White
12. Hippo Groove
13. Alessandro Ms1i
14. Ajays1
15. Ajays2
16. Yamamoto HA02
17. Sieveking Headphone Stand
18. Corda Concerto
19. Corda XXS
20. Corda 3 Move
21. Hippo Ampsack - Itouch
22. Hippo Case Large/Small
23. Beyer DT770pro
24. Linearossa W3
25. Govibe PPK
26. Govibe DAC
27. Earguides
28. Hifiman HE5LE
29. Hifiman HM801

Let drop by us for all these new toys....

~~~Jaben Love You~~

+6016 7979 276

Monday, July 19, 2010

Change of date of Grand Opening Lucky Draw

Due to public request in the changing of Grand Opening Lucky Draw (JH13 Pro), we will have it at 24/7/10 2pm (Saturday)... rclxms.gif . And again, we are located at Floor 8 Room 5. Thanks... icon_rolleyes.gif

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jaben Network at KLAV, and the Grand Opening Lucky Draw

Howdie everyone...

We have a few important announcements to make...

First is that Jaben Network has gotten a space at the AV Show dated 23.7.10 - 25.7.10...
We have a room at Floor 8 Room 5. The show is located at JW Marriott Hotel. 11-7pm.

We will have a lot of fun events over there, more specialized bundles to choose for... more lucky draws... more...

Does everyone forget our GRAND OPENING LUCKY DRAW We do not forgot them. It is still the JH13Pro we will have. We will let our beloved Uncle Wilson to take the draws, as we will have trembling fingers, Lol laugh.gif And so we shall have lucky draw over there, at 2pm on the second day of the event 24.7.10. And he will get the chance of doing custom earmoulds on spot... Everyone take videos of his agony him if he arrives! biggrin.gif

Please note that Jaben Malaysia will not be operating at 22.7.10 to 25.7.10 due to the hifishow.

Apart of that, please drop by us to test the new product arrival.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

The arrival of Shures!

To all shure lovers,
Please enjoy our newest shure products!!!
Visit http://jaben.net/forums/index.php?topic=15888.0 for more product information.

~~~ Jaben Love You ~~~

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Stock Arrived!!

Hi again to everyone,

We got new stock ARRIVED!!

Be alive! Be prepared!

The newly arrival-

Ibasso D4 Mamba!
Ibasso D10 Cobra!
HD650 symphonica cable!

Please do visit our shop to audition them.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

New bundles!!!!!

Hi to all music lovers!!,

Be prepared, we got new bundles on show now!!
Please visit our website forum for newest bundles.

Entry Bundle
Getting started? not sure what to get in the first place?
No worries, we got the entry bundle prepare for you!!


Portable Bundle
Looking for light weight and portable music enjoyment?
Show off to your friends with latest portable music?
Come and have a look for our newest Portable Bundle!


Please drop by us for auditioning our best bundles... Please help us to inform these specials to your friends... Let them know how should music sound.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekend bundles 10/7 to 11/7

Dear my friends..

There's been quite a while we never have weekend bundles....

Here you go..

1. Portable Audio Bundle
Djays + Rudistor Linearossa W1 + Hippo Boom = RM539 Grin Grin Grin

2. Home Audio Bundle
Shure SRH240 + Ordnance .22 Amp + Crossroads Headphone Stand = RM = RM539 Grin Grin Grin

3. Hybrid Audio Bundle
Audio Technica ES7 + Hippo Amp + Hippo Boom = RM739 Grin Grin Grin

Of because...limited quantity only.,,
Drop by us and test how good the sound can be...
Do not forget our weekly lucky draw as well. We have it in , invite your friends to "Like" us for lucky draw entitlement...Search "Jaben Malaysia".

~~~Jaben Love You~~~


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stock arrival @ 1 July 2010

Ladies and Gentleman....

Goodies have arrived, do you love and miss our BOOM??? Yes we have it arrived. Please refer to the arrival lists.

1. Hippo Boom - The legend of Bassssss

user posted image

2. Fiio E7 - The Most affordable DAC/AMP

user posted  image

3. Centrence DACport - do some research you will know what is this???

user posted image

4. Denon AH C260, C260R, C560R...

user posted image

5. Ortofon Red - Rare and one unit left

user  posted image

6. Westone UM3x Detachable (sold) and non-detachable (One unit left)

user posted image

7. RSA IEM Pairing Legend - The Protector Amp

user posted image

Bring your "tools" for auditions our "toys"....The unit are limited....
See you around Jaben Store

Rdgs, yuheng/walabies

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hippo Boom Lucky Draw...

Ladies and Gentleman,

Let have our weekly lucky draw shall we?
Please post any reply at the lucky draw thread, you are entitled to win a "Hippo Boom"..

Let's rock and BOOM..

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Visit our Jaben Malaysia forum at: http://www.jaben.net/forums subforum: Jaben Malaysia - Lucky draws

We have a winner today, it is TheBouncer
Please claim the prize in our store...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graham Slee Specials

Ladies and Gentleman....

Do we love UK amp, do we love Graham Slee? Yes, that is what a "head-fi" member answer....

Lets have a special for Graham Slee, shall we??

While Stock Last....Only one unit......

Drop by us to audition the power of UK Amp...


Monday, June 21, 2010

One day crazy bundle @... Tomorrow!!! 22 June 2010 Tuesday!!!

Hey all fellows, don't miss this chance...


Remember, don't miss the chance, one day Grin

Call yuheng 0167979276 to book!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Special Bundle Announcement Thread

Shall we have a Special Bundle Announcement Thread? Yes we will get every new bundle posted in "Jaben Forum" and you guys can check out our latest promotions over there. Whoever that was yet to joined Jaben Forum, please join the forums and we shall have our next lucky draw over there :D

Let have a look on our father day specials, dont know where to go on father day? Come over to Jaben with your Dad and get some special gifts for your dad.


+6016 7979 276

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Specials 18.06.2010 - 20.06.2010

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

Shall we have our weekend specials??

Bundle 1 #
Hippo Gumstick + Crossroads Quattro = RM399

Bundle 2 #
Igrado + Hippo Shroom EB + Hippo Amp = RM399

Bundle 3 #
Sherwood SE777 + Hippo Amp = RM399

Please call/email/sms/msn/pm us for reservations if you can not pay us a visit within this few days. Postage can be done on monday.

Drop by us for auditioning of these products.

+6016 7979 276
Jaben Team

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daily random bundle @ 17/06/2010

We will start our daily bundle,

Futuresonic atrios M5/M8

with Hippo amp

with only RM699!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stock Arrival - 10.06.2010

Ladies and Gentleman...

Shall we see some pictures?

1. Rudistor NX-03 Class A Amplifier

2. Sennheiser HD800 on Nx-03

3. Hippo Gumstick & Hippo Shroom EB

4. Govibe PPK vs RSA Shadow

5. RSA Protector

6. Tons of Hippo Gumstick

7. Hippo Glass

It is all here, drop by us for auditioning.

+6016 7979 276
Jaben Network
~~~Jaben Love You~~~