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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Special day special bundles

I very good weekend to all our ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we will have a very special event on Tuesday (24 August 2010) because... After u guys come u all will know what it is... Lolz. Anyway, let's start the ball rolling by having another one day crazy bundle.

Everyone loves the sound of the armature driver, phanggg~ and the smoothness of the music right?

U guys will have:

Portable One Day Crazy Bundle
D-Jays (RM399) plus
Beyerdynamic DT231 (RM250) plus
Fiio E3 (RM35) plus
Glass hippo (price unknown. Memorable piece of present)
For only RM399!!!

Home One Day Crazy Bundle
Audio Technica AD300 (RM260)
Hippo VB (RM270)
Glass hippo (price unknown, Memorable piece of present)
For only RM299!!!

Only for one day event. Everyone is limited to have one set each only, if u want more, bring your friends along.
Oh and oh, please guess who is the mysterious guess.

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