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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crazy... crazy December...

Hi guys, we meet once again.

Special year, special month, special day indeed.

Special bundles again? Yes definitely. however we will have special thing this time again.

Do you guys still remember the last time you are anxious on certain big sales which made you so excited to know the deal?

Yea off course, we gonna have something good.

Time: 12am everyday
Date: Start from December 15, 16, 17
Product: Insanity

Yes, we are going to show how crazy we are, start from December 15, we are going to give you non-stop 3 days surprise, from 12am we will post up our crazy thing in www.headjam.org

Pay attention, if not you will slip up all those crazy goodies which only offer on those days.

Happy December,

Jaben Malaysia Crazy Team

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