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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hi Everyone,

We are so excited, this will be the first Christmas that we celebrated in our store, have you confirmed your attendances, yes you are right. Jaben is still open on Christmas day.....why???? Coz this is not a store, Jaben are just a place that people came, and feels home, that is the reason why, we called ourself "Jaben Network"....

To Everyone that may come over on Christmas day, we have prepared some present for you. you just need to, draw yourself a correct pingpong ball when you come. and you are entitled to choose the presents. That is totally on first come first serve basis.

And what more? Of Coz, our bundles.....our specials......This is only for Part1 (Chritmas Eve), Part2(Christmas Day), Part 3(Boxing Day)...You are entitled to get the price for all three days.....

Part 1
1. Alessandro Ms1i + Metal Mod + Alessandro Case (S) = Retail@RM750/Special@RM499
2. Alessandro MS1i + Metal headphone stand + Final Audio Piano Forte II = Retail@RM919/Special@RM549
3. Shure SE210 + Hippo Gumstick + Final Audio Piano Forte II = Retail@RM969/Special@RM559
4. Denon C710 + Beyer DT231pro + Hippo Case (S) = Retail@RM820/Special@RM599
5. Sennheiser CX300-II + Hippo VB + Hippo Box Amp = Retail@RM849/Special@RM499
6. Djays + Hippo Box Amp = Retail@RM699/Special@RM399

If you are yet to find your love one a special present. you shall know what to go for now, get them a good music, that will make them enjoy as yours every moment. Or, if you are yet to get yourself a gift, make yourself heaven feels by one purchases...you will make your stress release...and.......you will understand, why we are always be so happiness.....

See you, during this special period.......Remember,
~~~Jaben Love You~~~

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