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Friday, September 10, 2010

Hari Raya Announcements and Special Bundles..

Greetings! to all the jabenies. I wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. While I kindly request you guys to forgive us if we did or spoke anything wrong or offended.

We also want to let you guys know we are remained open during the Hari Raya festival weekend. Do drop by when you are free...

Least but not least we will announce another huge sets of bundles... This will last for all along the Hari Raya month!

Bundle 1 #
Go-Vibe PPK
Cryo Gold/Copper
CrossRoad LOD
Retail Price : RM 1500
Bundle Price : RM999

Bundle 2 #
UE Triple Fi. 10
Go-Vibe PPK
Cryo gold/copper
Retail Price : 2500
Bundle Price : 2050

Bundle 3 #
Koss Portapro
Hippo White
Fiio E3
Retail Price: RM 354
Bundle Price : RM259

Bundle 4 #
Westone UM1
Hippo Box Amplifier
Beyerdynamic DT231
Retail Price : RM1030
Bundle Price : RM799

Bundle 5 #
Grado SR80
.22 Ordnance Amplifier
Alessandro Small Case
Retail Price : RM 1012
Bundle Price : RM749

Bundle 6 #
BeyerDynamic DT880 250ohm
CrossRoad edge Amp
CrossRoad headphone stand
DT880 Replacement earpad
Hippo Case Big
Retail Price : RM2260
Bundle Price : RM1600

Bundle 7 #
Hippo VB
Fiio E3
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Retail Price : RM475
Bundle Price : RM 319

Bundle 8 #
Hippo Groove
Fiio E3
Hippo Safari
Retail Price : RM 174
Bundle Price : RM 99

Bundle 9 #
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Denon D501
Fiio E3
Retail Price : RM 445
Bundle Price : RM329

Bundle 10 #
Go-vibes single amplifier
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Retail Price : RM1090
Bundle Price : RM699

Bundle 11#
FutureSonice Atrios
Govibe Single
Hippo VB
Retail Price : RM 1220
Bundle Price : RM 850

Bundle 12 #
UE Super fi 5
Hippo Box Amplifier
Hippo Boom
Retail Price : RM1100
Bundle Price : RM759

Bundle 13 #
Beyer Dynamic DT440
Hippo Case Big
CrossRoad Headphone Stand
Go-vibe Single
Retail Price : RM 1150
Bundle Price : RM 859

1 comment:

  1. I like to take my hat off to the guys at Jaben for introducing me to the wonderful Hippo brand of headphone gear.

    Adding the fabulously effective Hippo Box portable amp today just made my purchase of the Hippo Shroom even more meaningful because the amp supremely enhanced the already outstanding sonics of my Hippo Shroom (never thought it was possible).

    Thank you for being in business. Kudos!