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Friday, December 24, 2010

Funny Xmas Events at Jaben~!~

We are going to make a fun of you guys, if you wore something red or fits with the Christmas theme (Santa hat, thick red coat, Santa’s beard) on Christmas to our store, we will let you have a very worthwhile mysterious gift! I dare you will wear those! "This event has PASSED DUE!!!"

There is another event that will happen in our Facebook community. We will NOT have lucky draws this time but we want you to guess: how many teddy bears in our store and how many glass hippo is in our glass display rack. The first gentleman or lady who got the answer correct will be given a Final Audio Earbud - Piano Forte II as a Christmas gift. This event will end at our New year: 1st January 2011 and we will pick the closest guess if nobody got it right! One person is only entitled to have one guessing.

If you don't know how the Glass Hippo and Teddy Bear. Post your answers in the comment.


  1. 5 teddy bears and 11 glass hippos!

  2. 15 teddy bears and 35 glass hippos.

  3. Hmmm... 15 teddy bears, 8 glass hippos.

  4. Err...10 teddy bears and 10 glass hippos?? :D

  5. Congratulation to cloudcws, We do have a lot Teddies and glass Hippos hidden in our shop and he took a bold guess (or he came and counted? :P). The answer is not entirely correct: 12 teddies and 32 hippos is the correct one. He is the winner of this contest thus, come retrieve the prize one day.
    Other people

  6. Can I get the teddy bear instead of the Piano Forte?
    So I just address myself as cloudcws then can retrieve the present?
    Didn't notice this cause didn't have email notification..