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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jaben Wishes Everyone Happy Chinese New Year!!!

New year is near, does anyone has any wishes that needs to be fulfilled? You can write them down on the comments.
Don't forget Jaben will also celebrate its holiday from 2 Feb 2011 (Wednesday) to 7 Feb 2011 (Monday), tentatively, which also means shop is not opening for these days. Please call before you come during New Year Season.
Contact details could be found... on top of this website...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yet another exciting lucky draws @ headjam.org!!!

As requested by our headjam.org admin, we have decided to commit and sponsor some of the prizes to enable us to have more members. While everything comes with a prize, we shall let people contribute to what they will get for their prizes.In other words, those who contributes more to Malaysian head-fi community will have a chance to win better and better prizes.

Here we go with the prizes:

Members with 10 posts and above: Eligible to get a Hippo wrap from our Jaben store whenever you spelled out your nick to our Jaben store crew!

Junior member with 50 posts and above with 1 contributing topics created:Eligible to lucky draw 3 of the Hippo Grooves.

Junior member with 150 posts and above with 1 contributing topics created:Eligible to lucky draw 2 of the Hippo Shroom EBs.

Last but not least...Senior member with 300 posts and above with 5 contributing topics created: Eligible to lucky draw our grand prize, Shure SRH840!!!

Lucky draw will end right end of our new year at 1st of March 2011. Winner of the lucky draw will be posted at our headjam.org forum. Happy posting!

Jaben's auction, first time ever!!!

Hi guys and girls,
Today we are bringing you another issue of Jaben newsletter that we would like you to have some funny events before Chinese New Year.

Jaben's auction, first time ever!!!

We love auction, we love the intense, we love the passion, we love the fun on doing that,
yes, we are going to give you an auction, a special event we never done before.
Please inform your friends, families, lovers, buddies to join this craziness. With more people we are able to give you more surprise, and more competitive.Hold your steering and ready to go!!
Date : January 25th 2011

Time : 11:30 p.m 

Place : Mibbit Chat Channel(Instruction will be at below)
Instruction on using MIBBIT chat channel.
Step 1 : Head over to mibbit website (www.mibbit.com)

Step 2 : Click “Launch Chat now”

Step 3 : Let the default channel stay at “Mibbit [webirc]”

Step 4 : Choose a nick

Step 5 : Change Channel to “#JabenAuction”
Step 6 : Click “Go”
Then you are able to join the channel and participate the glory auction of Jaben.

Rules and Regulation :

#1 . Minimum price bid and bid increment will be stated during the auction.

#2 . No Prank, miss bid.

#3 . Winner must be provide information for recording and verification purpose.

#4 . All items will be totally new and agreed by the manufacturer for this promotion purpose.

#5 . Postage is available.
#6 . Bid will end if there is no increment in 1 minute.
#7 . The next bidding will start in 2 minutes interval resting.
#8 Those who failed to commit to our rules will be ignored for further bids.

Items :Item #1
Cross Road Quattro IEM
(Bass Adjustable IEM)

Brand : CrossRoad

Retail Price : RM270

Start Bid : RM50

Bid increment: RM2

Item #2
CrossRoad Woody 2 IEM

Brand : CrossRoad

Retail Price : RM350

Start Bid : RM50
Bid increment: RM3

Item #3
CrossRoad Metal Headphone Stand
(Red, Silver, Blue)

Brand : CrossRoad

Retail Price : RM300

Start Bid :RM50
Bid increment: RM2

Item #4
Hippo Box + Amplifier

Brand : Hippo

Retail Price : RM300

Start Bid : RM50

Bid increment: RM5

Item #5
BeyerDynamic DT231Pro

Brand : BeyerDynamic

Retail Price : RM250

Start Bid : RM50

Bid increment: RM3

Item #6
Govibe DAC
Brand : Govibe

Retail Price : RM240

Start Bid : RM50
Bid increment: RM2

Item #7
Govibe Martini Amplifier

Brand : Govibe

Retail Price : RM440

Start Bid : RM50

Bid increment: RM5

Item #8
Hippo VB IEM (Bass Adjustable)

Brand : Hippo

Retail Price : RM270

Start Bid : RM50
Bid increment: RM2

Friday, January 14, 2011

One time offer... Bundle of the year...

Beyerdynamic DT880Pro Bundle of the Year (U.P. RM3,249)... Bundle price RM1899

* Beyerdynamic DT880Pro 250 ohms (check with us for 32/600 ohms units)
* CEntrance DACport
* Final Audio Design Piano Forte
* Crossroads Metal Headphone Stand

Only offer for 3 sets...

School Opening Bundles...

Hi guys, as progressed, today is the school opening bundles, quickly grab it before somebody does =D

Bundle #1
Koss Portapro Portable Headphone
CrossRoad Bijou 3 IEM
Fiio E3 Amplifier

Retail Price : RM404
Bundle Price : RM299

Bundle #2
Alessandro MS1i Headphone
Hippo Gumstick Music Player
Hippo Ten IEM

Retail Price : RM900
Bundle Price : RM559

Bundle #3
Audio Technica AD300 Headphone
Govibe Single Amplifier

Retail Price : RM889
Bundle Price : RM559

Bundle #4
Klipsch S4 IEM
Govibe Martini Amplifier
Hippo Ten IEM

Retail Price : RM 980
Bundle Price : RM 599

Bundle #5
Hippo Gumstick Music Player
BeyerDynamic DT231pro
CrossRoad Bijou 3 IEM

Retail Price : RM690
Bundle Price : RM459

Bundle #6
Hippo VB IEM
Hippo Box Amplifier
CrossRoad Bijou 3

Retail Price : RM740
Bundle Price : RM429

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New stock arrival at 6.1.2011

1. The long waiting E7 has arrived, and shall we have E9 together?

2. Audio Technica SJ33

3. you need a battery enhancer for your iphone, and you wan to use a good amp as well? and you use iphone 3g/3gs? You might need the Japanese Amp, Go-Dap...:D

4. Maverick A1 - Hybrid Amp for headphone and Speaker, with 15ohm

5. Maverick D1 - DAC/Amp Combo

6. HifiMan HM601 - Entry Level audiophiles player

7. Final Audio Heaven S

8. Pico Slim & Normal Pico

9. Centrance DACport - 24/96 DAC

And many others
1. Audio Technica M50
2. Shure SRH440
3. Sennheiser HD650
4. Grado SR60i
5. Grado SR80i
6. Grado SR225i
7. Klipsch S4
8. Denon AH-C560R
9. Westone UM1
10. AKG K514
11. Lavry DA11

And what are you waiting for????
Come over with your friends and you goto to on time bundles with us. :D

~~~Jaben Love You~~~