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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Entry Bundle - We Love Music

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for making us succeed for the KLAV 2010. We appreciate on your support and we wan to spread the love of good music. As such, we have some entry bundle that limited in quantity. Please spread the love of music to your friends, and make your friends an audiophiles.

Entry Bundle 1 #
1. Sennheiser HD201
2. Hippo VB
3. Hippo Amp

Total Price - RM640
Bundle Price - RM399

Entry Bundle 2 #
1. Hippo Gumstick
2. Crossroads Woddy 2
3. Hippo Groove

Total Price - RM728
Bundle Price - RM499

Entry Bundle 3 #
1. Crossroads Woddy 2
2. Hippo Box Amplifier
3. Sennheiser HD201

Total Price - RM760
Bundle Price - RM499

Entry Bundle 4 #
1. Beyerdynamic DT231pro
2. Hippo Amplifier
3. Hippo White

Total Price - RM630
Bundle Price - RM399

Entry Bundle 5 #
1. Shure SRH440
2. Ordnance .22 Amplifier
3. Crossroads Bijou 3

Total Price - RM1028
Bundle Price - RM599

Entry Bundle 6 #
1. Crossroads Bijou 3
2. Hippo Box Amplifier
3. Koss KSC75

Total Price - RM599
Bundle Price - RM349

Entry Bundle 7 #
1. Djays
2. Hippo Gumstick
3. Hippo Box Amplifier

Total Price - RM1018
Bundle Price - RM599

All Bundle limited in Quantity.

Drop by us to testing and make your right move before it gone.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

+6016 7979 276

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hifishow - Special Bundle

Ladies and Gentleman,

Here's to announce the long long waiting hifishow bundle.....

>>>>>Jaben Malaysia - HifiShow Long Long Long Bundle <<<<<

Drop by us with your friends, family, lover and our beloved Jabenist......Click the link for justify for you coming :D :D :D :D

See you there.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pre-hifi show bundles!!!

Hi Everyone,

Shall we have the pre-hifi show bundle?? for one day time?? 21.07.2010

Bundle 1
Hippo VB - RM299
Hippo White - RM120
Fiio E3 - RM35

Total Price - RM454
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM339

Bundle 2
Marevick D1 - RM770
Ms1i - RM420
Hippo Shroom EB - RM190

Total Price - RM1380
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM999

Bundle 3
Hippo Groove - RM59
KSC75 - RM129
Fiio E3 - RM35

Total Price - RM223
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM179

Bundle 4
Hippo White - RM120
Audio Technica CKM90 - RM650
Linearossa W1 - RM320

Total Price - RM1090
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM799

Bundle 5
Crossroads Woddy - RM350
Linearossa W1 - RM320
Igrado - RM198

Total Price - RM868
Pre-Hifishow Special - RM699

Bundle 6
Beyerdynamic DT231pro - RM250
Fiio E3 - RM35
Hippo Boom - RM150

Total Price - RM435
Pre-Hifishow Specials - RM299

Please drop by us before the hifishow for these specials......and shall we introduce the good music to our friends?


~~~Jaben Love You~~~

016 7979 276

HifiShow - Product Arrival for coming HifiShow

Ladies and Gentleman....

We have so so so many interesting product arrived to Jaben Malaysia....

1. Lavry DA11
2. Marevick D1
3. Alessandro MsPro
4. Denon D7k
5. Beyer T50P
6. Hippo Gumstick
7. Hippo Shroom EB
8. Hippo VB
9. Crossroads Woddy 2
10. Crossroads Bijou 3
11. Hippo White
12. Hippo Groove
13. Alessandro Ms1i
14. Ajays1
15. Ajays2
16. Yamamoto HA02
17. Sieveking Headphone Stand
18. Corda Concerto
19. Corda XXS
20. Corda 3 Move
21. Hippo Ampsack - Itouch
22. Hippo Case Large/Small
23. Beyer DT770pro
24. Linearossa W3
25. Govibe PPK
26. Govibe DAC
27. Earguides
28. Hifiman HE5LE
29. Hifiman HM801

Let drop by us for all these new toys....

~~~Jaben Love You~~

+6016 7979 276

Monday, July 19, 2010

Change of date of Grand Opening Lucky Draw

Due to public request in the changing of Grand Opening Lucky Draw (JH13 Pro), we will have it at 24/7/10 2pm (Saturday)... rclxms.gif . And again, we are located at Floor 8 Room 5. Thanks... icon_rolleyes.gif

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jaben Network at KLAV, and the Grand Opening Lucky Draw

Howdie everyone...

We have a few important announcements to make...

First is that Jaben Network has gotten a space at the AV Show dated 23.7.10 - 25.7.10...
We have a room at Floor 8 Room 5. The show is located at JW Marriott Hotel. 11-7pm.

We will have a lot of fun events over there, more specialized bundles to choose for... more lucky draws... more...

Does everyone forget our GRAND OPENING LUCKY DRAW We do not forgot them. It is still the JH13Pro we will have. We will let our beloved Uncle Wilson to take the draws, as we will have trembling fingers, Lol laugh.gif And so we shall have lucky draw over there, at 2pm on the second day of the event 24.7.10. And he will get the chance of doing custom earmoulds on spot... Everyone take videos of his agony him if he arrives! biggrin.gif

Please note that Jaben Malaysia will not be operating at 22.7.10 to 25.7.10 due to the hifishow.

Apart of that, please drop by us to test the new product arrival.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

The arrival of Shures!

To all shure lovers,
Please enjoy our newest shure products!!!
Visit http://jaben.net/forums/index.php?topic=15888.0 for more product information.

~~~ Jaben Love You ~~~

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Stock Arrived!!

Hi again to everyone,

We got new stock ARRIVED!!

Be alive! Be prepared!

The newly arrival-

Ibasso D4 Mamba!
Ibasso D10 Cobra!
HD650 symphonica cable!

Please do visit our shop to audition them.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

New bundles!!!!!

Hi to all music lovers!!,

Be prepared, we got new bundles on show now!!
Please visit our website forum for newest bundles.

Entry Bundle
Getting started? not sure what to get in the first place?
No worries, we got the entry bundle prepare for you!!


Portable Bundle
Looking for light weight and portable music enjoyment?
Show off to your friends with latest portable music?
Come and have a look for our newest Portable Bundle!


Please drop by us for auditioning our best bundles... Please help us to inform these specials to your friends... Let them know how should music sound.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekend bundles 10/7 to 11/7

Dear my friends..

There's been quite a while we never have weekend bundles....

Here you go..

1. Portable Audio Bundle
Djays + Rudistor Linearossa W1 + Hippo Boom = RM539 Grin Grin Grin

2. Home Audio Bundle
Shure SRH240 + Ordnance .22 Amp + Crossroads Headphone Stand = RM = RM539 Grin Grin Grin

3. Hybrid Audio Bundle
Audio Technica ES7 + Hippo Amp + Hippo Boom = RM739 Grin Grin Grin

Of because...limited quantity only.,,
Drop by us and test how good the sound can be...
Do not forget our weekly lucky draw as well. We have it in , invite your friends to "Like" us for lucky draw entitlement...Search "Jaben Malaysia".

~~~Jaben Love You~~~


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stock arrival @ 1 July 2010

Ladies and Gentleman....

Goodies have arrived, do you love and miss our BOOM??? Yes we have it arrived. Please refer to the arrival lists.

1. Hippo Boom - The legend of Bassssss

user posted image

2. Fiio E7 - The Most affordable DAC/AMP

user posted  image

3. Centrence DACport - do some research you will know what is this???

user posted image

4. Denon AH C260, C260R, C560R...

user posted image

5. Ortofon Red - Rare and one unit left

user  posted image

6. Westone UM3x Detachable (sold) and non-detachable (One unit left)

user posted image

7. RSA IEM Pairing Legend - The Protector Amp

user posted image

Bring your "tools" for auditions our "toys"....The unit are limited....
See you around Jaben Store

Rdgs, yuheng/walabies

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hippo Boom Lucky Draw...

Ladies and Gentleman,

Let have our weekly lucky draw shall we?
Please post any reply at the lucky draw thread, you are entitled to win a "Hippo Boom"..

Let's rock and BOOM..

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Visit our Jaben Malaysia forum at: http://www.jaben.net/forums subforum: Jaben Malaysia - Lucky draws

We have a winner today, it is TheBouncer
Please claim the prize in our store...