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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love from Jaben, Specials that we will have in December

Hi everyone,
To all who loves Jaben
To all who supports us
To all who cares about us
Thank you all for supporting us so far in our journey, it’s memorable, unforgettable. We growth and gained a lot experience from you guys.
Once again, thank you and
~~Jaben Love You~~

How do we show our LOVE to you?
As this coming December, it’s the end of this wonderful year, the year which Jaben Malaysia retail store establish, the year we stepped out the first step, and the last page in our journey book in this year.
Let’s Celebrate!!

For the upcoming month, we are going to schedule up a series of promotions, promotion that you won’t expect and experienced before.
Please follow up this topic and pay attention; we will announce our special in headjam.org sponsor's Jaben Network thread. www.headjam.org Jaben's thread

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