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Monday, October 31, 2011

The official launch of Jaben Online Store!!!

Hi everyone,

It is a fine day indeed !!!
it is closing end of the year, a new future is coming soon, very soon….

Should we wrap up the whole year with just few words?

Never!!! Jaben never fail anyone before,

let’s enjoy together
let’s continue our journey together
let’s remember what we go through together in this year

The year that we mustn’t forgot about

Shall we?

Let's celebrate our official launch of new online store!!!! Have a peek on our actual site is.


Cool site... Isn't it? You can click on the picture to have access directly or visit: http://www.jaben.com.my/shopping2 to browse the items.
Now you can check for new products or have an idea what the price would be for your desired item.
A fine lucky draw whoever got the most luck!!

Prize : GoldRing DR100 Headphone!

How to take part?

1) Head over to http://www.jaben.com.my/shopping2
2)On the bottom right corner, there is a news section
3)Click “Jaben New Online Store Lucky Draw”
4)Subscribe with your email
5)Voila and wait for your lucky angel drop on you!!

*Please use you frequent email, as we going to email the winner.
*Lucky Draw will end in 7/11/2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deepavali Specials - Great Deal v2

Hi Friends, or Indian friends...

Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday.
We are poor enough to work on public holidays, but we are happy to see you guys around, let celebrate the Deepavali at Jaben Store, with more specials of course. We wan your smile when you see us....:D

We received a lot of enquiry of ACS T15, here you go:
User avatar
1. ACS T15 Neutral Specials
- ACS T15 - RM869
- Feels Pro900 - RM170
- Govibe Mini DAC - RM150

Retailed Price : RM1189
Bundle Specials : RM888

2. Europe Bundle - limited to 2 sets only
- Ajays 1 - RM199
- Beyerdynamic DT231pro - RM250
- Hippo Safari 2 - RM80

Retailed Price : RM529
Bundle Specials : RM349

3. Japan Bundle 1 - Gift for Girls
- Audio Technica Button - RM150
- Denon AH-C260 - RM150
- Iphone4 Case - Nil

Retailed Price : RM299
Bundle Specials : RM199

4. Japan Bundle 2 - Gift for Girls
- Audio Technica Pottery - RM240
- Final Audio Piano Forte 2 - RM199
- Iphone4 Case - Nil

Retailed Price : RM439
Bundle Specials : RM299

If you are looking for gifts for your love one, please do not wait, and remember, Jaben Love You

The Jaben Team

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deepavali Specials....Great Deal?

HI Friends, and Indian Friends,
User avatar
It's been a while we never have our specials, here you go, please note that this bundle is on limited time frame basic, and it is first come first serve.

1. Ipod DAC Specials / Limited to 2 sets only
- Fostex HPP1 - RM2700
- Beyerdynamic DT880pro - 250ohm - RM1300
- Feels Pro900 - RM170

Retailed Price : RM4170
Deepavali Specials : RM2899

2. 3 Way Armature Specials
- Earsonics SM3v2 - RM1750
- Govibe Magnum DAC/Amp - RM1000
- Audio Technica ON300 - RM95

Retailed Price : RM2795
Deepavali Specials : RM2299

3. Portable Tube DAC/Amp Specials - Limited to 2 sets only
- Govibe Porta Tube+ DAC/Amp - RM2550
- Cryo Copper IC - RM330
- Beyerdynamic DT770pro - RM950

Retailed Price : RM3779
Deepavali Specials : RM2599

4. Portable Specials
- Crossroads Bijou3 - RM170
- Audio Technica SJ33 - RM176
- Fiio E3 - RM35

Retailed Price : RM381
Deepavali Specials : RM269

5. Portable Specials 2 - limited to 2 sets only
- Beyerdynamic DT1350 - RM1299
- Futuresonics Atrio M5 - RM600
- Hippo Box+ Amp -RM300

Retailed Price : RM2199
Deepavali Specials : RM1499

6. Wide Stage Specials
- Audio Technica AD300 - RM269
- Govibe Single Amp - RM350
- Hippo Black IEM - RM120

Retailed Price : RM739
Deepavali Specials : RM399

7. Denon 101th year Specials - limited to 2 sets only
- Denon AH-D1100 - RM730
- Ordnance .22 Amp - RM420
- Govibe Mini DAC - RM150

Retailed Price : RM1300
Deepavali Specials : RM799

8. Neutral Specials
- Shure SRH840 - RM768
- Hippo Shroom EB - RM190
- Beyerdynamic DTX20 - RM95

Retailed Price : RM1053
Deepavali Specials : RM799

Remember, all of the bundle are limited, first come first serve basis, if your friends are looking for headphone, or you are looking for a gift for him/her, please drop by for auditions and you can decide whether the product are suitable to him/her.

Stay Well, and Happy Deepavali to all of your Indian friends....

The Jaben Team

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New stock arrival at 20.10.11

Hi Jabenists,

New stock arrived to Jaben Store
1. Ajays 1,2,3,4

2. Denon AH-C560R

3. Klipsch S4/S4i

4. Audio Technica CKP300

5. Audio Technica CKM55

6. Audio Technica CK400i

7. ACS T15

8. Fiio E11

9. AKG K420

10. AKG K450

11. Klipsch Image One

12. Samson Go-Mic

13. Beyerdynamic DT770pro

14. HifiMan HE500 - Sold


15. Pioneer M390

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wireless, convenient, or DJs, you can have it now...

Hi Everyone,
New Product hass arrived 





Monday, October 17, 2011

Too much to digest? but we have it coming!


Something you have been waited so long...it is finally here.
1. Grado SR60i
2. Grado SR80i
3. Grado SR225i


The Audeze LCD2 is here too...


Limited in quantity...be fast..

The D-Zero are here..
Limited in quantity, whoever miss this last time, this is your turn...

The shure are here.....shure you wan it...
1. Shure SE215

2. Shure SE535

3. Shure SRH240
4. Shure SRH440
5. Shure SRH840

6. Shure SRH550DJ

Shure you wan it, if you have yet to try it, please drop by to auditions.

For those who understand mandarine, Jaben is on newspaper again!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Win the Mighty ACS T15 now!!! Innovation, Creativity, Prizes

Hi everyone,

We Jaben Audio Malaysia are organizing an ACS Audio competition for upcoming week.

Definitely, as a head/earphone specialist in Malaysia, we are promoting good sounding, music enjoyment and a brand new experience you never taste before.

Right now, you will have a great chance of winning this awesome high end audiophile In-Ear-Monitor.

The ACS T15 IEM (Final Prize)…… which cost RM879 retail !!!


How will it sound? Stop waiting and try them! Win this competition, and you can now experience the real music that we are to provide and encourage.

How to take part?

We will separate into 2 stages, from that, we will pick our winner with more creativity.

1st Stage : Answer the following Question

“Why you deserve the ACS T15 professional IEM?”

Answer your question by posting in the same thread, we will pick 10 winners in first stage, and winners will proceed to the second stage.

(only winner of first stage will be able to take part in the second stage)

2nd Stage : Submit any article related to ACS/T15, example such as : writings, design, brochures, video etc…etc
As Steve Jobs says: ”Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

*Please create your own theme/design/idea, no copy allow.
*Please Email us your answer to choonbeng@jaben.com.my or yuheng@jaben.com.my
*We will publish your idea and design on http://www.headjam.org
*we have to right to publish your idea online
*Second Stage will be take part in http://www.headjam.org forum
*The winner of second stage will be chosen by public voting system
Remember , Please be creative.

*Duration for first stage will be 2 Days, which will be start on 10PM 9/10/11 till 10pm 11/10/11
*Duration for second stage will be 5 days, which will be start after we selected the winner for first stage at 12/10/11 10PM till 17/10/11 at 10PM

*The winner of second stage will be chosen by public voting system
*we have right to choose whether the contestant is qualify to take part on the competition
*we have right to change the policy application due to the problem arise.
*In the period of competitions, we will publish competitors answer in public, to share with everyone

For more information and question, please enquiry us either by email to :



Head over to our own Malaysia audiophile forum : http://www.headjam.org

The final winner will received ACS T15, but we also wish he could contribute some reviews back to us.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exciting stock arrived on 8.10.2011... Wut? Monster is back?!

Hi Friends,

Goodies arrived, have you tested them?

1. Denon D7000

2. Monster Solo HD - White/Red

3. Monster Studio

4. Monster Tour

5. Klipsch S4

6. Westone UM1

7. Beyerdynamic DT48 - Medical Grade Headphone

8. Earsonic SM3v2

9. Radius TWF21

10. Beyerdynamic DT880pro

11. Denon AH-D1100

12. Ajays 4

The Jaben Team

New entry headphone... Pioneer M390

Hi Everyone,

We are introducing the new entry level Pioneer Headphone, M390.

Please drop by for auditions.

The Jaben Team

Something hidden inside the leather pouch...

 Hi Friends,

If you know what this is, something is hidden in the leather pouch, with battery charged.

Whoever tested it....you are gone.....and I am one of them....

Friday, October 7, 2011

ACS T15 is almost here....

Hi Everyone,

We've been quietly waiting for this baby, how long more?????

My first impression on short testing.
1. Balanced and very details.
2. The bass is not weak, the amount of bass is just nice, like ACS T1
3. The mid range are sweat, very musical.
4. The details is on par with 3 driver level
5. It sound like Moving BA driver but it is more musical....

how long more? be patient.....it is almost here....:D


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fostex HP-P1 and Audio Technica headphones... what do u want more?

Hey friends,

A new product : Foster HP P1, has arrived to Jaben


New headphones from Audio Technica also have arrived to Jaben



ATH - Pro5 MK2



Audio Technica headphones are always awesome =)

Thank You

The Jaben Team