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Monday, November 28, 2011

Live Speaker Arrival.....German Made

Jaben Proudly introduce a german made speaker..HK Lucas SMART on our product line.

HK Audio LUCAS Smart

Loud, live, concert speaker can be blashed at your home. We been spending our effort on searching for a live, detailed, warm and natural music reproduction. Here we found this and we are convinced by this Lucas Smart.

HK Audio owned one of the world's most advanced Class 1 acoustical measuring chambers.

Here we come to their product, Lucas Smart

- Two Satellites with a 6.5" speaker and 1" dome tweeter
- 250-watt digital power amp for the 10" subwoofer
- 2 x 80 - watt power amps for the satellites
- Independently adjustable inputs with connections for microphone, line and aux
- HK Audio MicroTilt for optimum sound-to-audience alignment
- System weight : 30 kgs
- Portable for ideal for events and gathering

Sound promising? Please drop by for auditions for this live baby.\

PIMP your headphone, PIKOM PCfair 2011 event!

Yohoho... Jaben is spreading its wings and we shall be present in another delightful event - PIKOM PCfair 2011 at KLCC. For your information, this event will span from 2 to 4 December 2011 (Friday to Sunday).

While we will be as usual offering crowds free testing and selection guidance, don't forget in special occasions Jaben always has special offers. Bundles, freebies, Jaben will provide generously. In the meantime, we has formulate a very funny event: "Pimp Your Headphone!!!". What you need to do is very simple, you just need to bring along your headphone, earphone to PCfair. You can wear it on your head, you can plug it in your ears, you also can hang it on your neck; not necessary Jaben carried brand.

When your found our booth with the described posture, our men will issue you a Lucky Draw coupon, which you can win yourself a gorgeous noise cancelling headphone, with latest technology implanted, the Goldring GR1500 from reputable cartridge manufacturer; Goldring. You should also take a photo with your preferred brand promoter.

We all awaiting for your esteem arrival, if you happen to pass by us, do give us a visit.

Remember, Jaben loves you~

Image I doubt you dare to wear it like this. :D

Image Or wearing this outside. :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stock arrival on 14.11.11

You wan the USA Hand Made Headphone? It is finally here

1. Grado SR60i
2. Grado SR80i
3. Grado PS1000i - Reserved


1. Audio Technica SJ55

2. Audio Technica SJ33

3. Audio Technica Pro700mk2

4. Audio Technica M35

So does the Entry Level Killer.


Monday, November 7, 2011

New mini amp, mini DAC from goVibe

Are you attracted to mini portable devices?

They perform solidly with no hiss or defects found.

Email us for prices!

Hari Raya Haji Specials.....

Ladies and Gentleman,

What is your planning for this short holidays, Do you visit your family and friends and you need a gifts? Or you are bored at home and you desired for good music.

Let's roll our happiness to our friends and families..

Specials 1 - limited to 2 sets only
Shure SRH840
Hippo Box+ Amp
Hippo White

Retailed : RM1188
Specials : RM818

Specials 2 - limited to 3 sets only
Ibasso D-Zero
Ibasso CB07 IC
Crossroads Stainless

Retailed : RM919
Specials : RM549

Specials 3
Denon AH-D501
Fiio E3
Koss Spark Plug

Retailed : RM385
Specials : RM278

Specials 4
Alessandro Ms1i
Alessandro Case Big
Crossroads Stainless

Retailed : RM890
Specials : RM549

Specials 5 - limted to 1 set only
Fostex HPP1
Beyerdynamic DT1350
Crossroads Wooden Stand

Retailed : RM4119
Specials : RM3099

Specials 6 - limited to 1 set only
Graham Slee Solo PSU1
Audio Technica A1000x
Hippo Case Large

Retailed : RM4470
Specials : RM3299

Specials 7
Klipsch S4
Govibe U-DAC
Audio Technica ON3

Retailed : RM598
Specials : RM438

Specials 8
Sennheiser HD408
Crossroads Bijou3
Iphone4 Case

Retailed : RM389
Specials : RM299

Specials 9
Audio Technica Pottery
Final Audio Piano Forte 2
Iphone 4 Case

Retailed : RM439
Bundle Specials : RM299

Specials 10
Audio Technica Button
Denon AH-C260
Iphone 4 Case

Retailed : RM299
Specials : RM199

Please share this excitement to your friends and families, we shall see you here.

Enjoy your holidays and Selamat Hari Raya Haji

The Jaben Team

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Penang head-fi gathering ! @ 19 November 2011

Due to the great response on the previous gathering, we are planning for another head-fi gathering in Penang for this month.


Below are the details of the gathering:
Date: 19th November 2011

Time: 2pm till 6pm (tentatively)

Venue: Straits Quay - Jaben Penang (Opposite Switch)

Lots of new exotic amps, Lots of stuff to be tested

The highlight of this gathering we will be showcasing PCwork's fully mod-ed Lavry Engineering DA-11 with his fully burned in Sennheiser HD650; new Fostex HP-P1 delivering uncompressed, high quality audio from an iPad, iPhone or iPod to portable or home audio DACs and amplifiers, via both digital and analog outputs--*or* through its own built-in headphone amplifier; a new pretty tiny tube amp call Bravo Ocean Tube desktop amplifier and many more. Do bring your rigs to mix and match.
Participants will have a lucky draw chance to win our Goldring DR-50 headphone too.
We hope to see everyone there !

1. neosh (Fostex HP-P1, Bravo Ocean Tube desktop amplifier)
2. yuheng
3. walabies
4. Pcwork (fully modded DA11 and fully burned-in symphonica HD650)