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Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Arrival @ 30.09.2010

Hi Everyone....

The long waiting stock is arriving to Malaysia......

1. Beyerdynamic T1 - The highest End Beyer Class Headphone
2. Ibasso D2+ DAC/AMP
3. Ibasso D4 Mamba
4. Ibasso D10 Cobra
5. Ibasso DB1 Boomslang - First Portable DAC in the world
6. Ibasso PB1 Toucan - Affordable Balanced Amp

and the long waiting products

1. RSA P-51 Mustang
2. Centrence DACport
3. Westone UM1 - booked
4. Shure SE535 - limited unit again.

See you on this weekend to try this exciting new arrivals.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

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