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Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Arrival @ 30.09.2010

Hi Everyone....

The long waiting stock is arriving to Malaysia......

1. Beyerdynamic T1 - The highest End Beyer Class Headphone
2. Ibasso D2+ DAC/AMP
3. Ibasso D4 Mamba
4. Ibasso D10 Cobra
5. Ibasso DB1 Boomslang - First Portable DAC in the world
6. Ibasso PB1 Toucan - Affordable Balanced Amp

and the long waiting products

1. RSA P-51 Mustang
2. Centrence DACport
3. Westone UM1 - booked
4. Shure SE535 - limited unit again.

See you on this weekend to try this exciting new arrivals.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jaben Malaysia
Feature available to Store Members
Be Glad! Our Newest Bundle only for our Lelong Store!!!, this is the only place you can get this crazy bundle!!!, units available while stock last.

Bundle**CrossRoad Bijou 3 In Ear Earphone + Sennheiser HD201 Headphone

CrossRoadBijou 3 RM170
Sennheiser HD 201 RM 110

Retail Price : RM 280
Bundle Price : RM179!!!

Isn't That Crazy??? Hurry up and grab this thing before other does!!!

Please stay tune and update from our lelong store, we will have crazy
bundles occasionally, which will only available from us with crazy
awesome items and awesome price you wont get it in anywhere in the
world! Come and inform your friends, share with them with this news!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi Everyone Grin Grin

Something good have arrived. It is time to pay Jaben a visit Cheesy Cheesy

1. Hippo Gumstick MP3 Player - Class A Built In & FLAC playback
2. Hippo Ten IEMs - Wide Stages Neutral IEM
3. Maverick D1 Amp/DAC - Affordable DAC & Amp
4. Audio Technica ESW9, ES55, ES7, CKS70, CK7, CK10, FC700, ACN7b, AD700, AD900, A500.
5. Radius DDM - Black Version :Smiley :Smiley
6. Shure SE535 - sold Sad
7. Linearossa W3 DAC/AMP
8. Govibe Martini AMP, Petite DAC, PPK Amp,
9. Ordnance .22 Amp, .25 Amp/DAC
10. Cryo Copper and new Cryo Silver Grin Grin
11. Ajays - 2 Grin
12. Kplisch S4 - Try it before it gone, very limited Angry
13. Rudistor IMD3 - another must try IEM Grin
14. HifiMan RE0, RE1 Cheesy
15. Graham Slee Solo Amp - :Smiley
16. Westone UM1 - booked Sad, UM3x detachable
17. Sony LOD - good to sony users Grin
18. DT770 80ohm, 250ohm - details king Cheesy

Also, You shall not miss the chances to test up these :

1. Sennheiser HD650 - All sold, left 1 last unit :Smiley :Smiley
2. Sennheiser CX200
3. Sennheiser CX300-II
4. Sennheiser HD202
5. Sennheiser HD201

The last chances to try the Shure Legend, SE530. We have it ready in stock with good bundles. Try it before it gone. The unit is discontinued. Don't miss the last chance.

Hope to see you during this weekend.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random big saving bundles @ 23/09/2010

Hi Everyone

You gonna to have big savings again, announce the new specials for some products

1. Audio Technica CKM90

Audio Technica CKM90
Crossroads Bijou 3
Fiio E3

Retail Price : RM860
Special Price : RM699

Audio Technica CKM90
Hippo Shroom EB
Hippo Box Amplifier

Retail Price : RM1145
Special Price : RM899

2. Grado SR80i

Grado SR80i
Hippo Shroom EB
Hippo Safari

Retail Price : RM702
Special Price : RM499

Grado SR80i
Govibe Martini Amp
Crossroads Bijou 3

Retail Price : RM1042
Special Price : RM759

3. Sennheiser HD595

Sennheiser HD595
Crossroads Headphone Stand
Hippo Case - Big
Hippo VB

Retail Price : RM1542
Special Price : RM1099

Sennheiser HD595
Govibe PPK Amplifier
Hippo Case

Retail Price : RM2102
Special Price : RM1799

4. Denon AH-D501

Denon AH-D501
Hippo Safari
Hippo Groove

Retail Price : RM399
Special Price : RM299

Denon AH-D501
Fiio E3
Hippo Boom

Retail Price : RM445
Special Price : RM339

5. Beyerdynamic DT440

Beyerdynamic DT440
.22 Ordnance Amplifier
Hippo Case

Retail Price : RM1140
Special Price : RM899

Beyerdynamic DT440
Crossroads Bijou 3
Crossroads Stand

Retail Price : RM850
Special Price : RM649

6. Corda XXS

Corda XXS Amplifier
Cryo Copper/Silver IC
Crossroads Idock

Retail Price : RM960
Special Price : RM799

Please drop by us with your friends & family to enjoy better music.

~~~Jaben Love you~~~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Lucky Draw!!! A new Hippo Ten!!!

Hi, it's been a while since we have a lucky draw then... Please "Like" our post in facebook, winners gets a new Hippo Ten!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hari Raya Announcements and Special Bundles..

Greetings! to all the jabenies. I wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. While I kindly request you guys to forgive us if we did or spoke anything wrong or offended.

We also want to let you guys know we are remained open during the Hari Raya festival weekend. Do drop by when you are free...

Least but not least we will announce another huge sets of bundles... This will last for all along the Hari Raya month!

Bundle 1 #
Go-Vibe PPK
Cryo Gold/Copper
CrossRoad LOD
Retail Price : RM 1500
Bundle Price : RM999

Bundle 2 #
UE Triple Fi. 10
Go-Vibe PPK
Cryo gold/copper
Retail Price : 2500
Bundle Price : 2050

Bundle 3 #
Koss Portapro
Hippo White
Fiio E3
Retail Price: RM 354
Bundle Price : RM259

Bundle 4 #
Westone UM1
Hippo Box Amplifier
Beyerdynamic DT231
Retail Price : RM1030
Bundle Price : RM799

Bundle 5 #
Grado SR80
.22 Ordnance Amplifier
Alessandro Small Case
Retail Price : RM 1012
Bundle Price : RM749

Bundle 6 #
BeyerDynamic DT880 250ohm
CrossRoad edge Amp
CrossRoad headphone stand
DT880 Replacement earpad
Hippo Case Big
Retail Price : RM2260
Bundle Price : RM1600

Bundle 7 #
Hippo VB
Fiio E3
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Retail Price : RM475
Bundle Price : RM 319

Bundle 8 #
Hippo Groove
Fiio E3
Hippo Safari
Retail Price : RM 174
Bundle Price : RM 99

Bundle 9 #
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Denon D501
Fiio E3
Retail Price : RM 445
Bundle Price : RM329

Bundle 10 #
Go-vibes single amplifier
CrossRoad Bijou 3
Retail Price : RM1090
Bundle Price : RM699

Bundle 11#
FutureSonice Atrios
Govibe Single
Hippo VB
Retail Price : RM 1220
Bundle Price : RM 850

Bundle 12 #
UE Super fi 5
Hippo Box Amplifier
Hippo Boom
Retail Price : RM1100
Bundle Price : RM759

Bundle 13 #
Beyer Dynamic DT440
Hippo Case Big
CrossRoad Headphone Stand
Go-vibe Single
Retail Price : RM 1150
Bundle Price : RM 859

Monday, September 6, 2010

New amps has arrived...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our Muslim. We just receive some very special and rare portable amps... It is the Graham Slee Voyager. Many liked its ultra neutral signature and we only had two... With a very attractive price... Grab them before they are gone...

Voyager Headphone Amplifier