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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jaben Gathering - 01.05.2010

Annoucement of Jaben Gatheirng at 01.05.2010

Let have our headphones party on..

venue - Jaben Network - Ss15 Subang Jaya
time - 12.00pm start

We need more professional photo taker...Is there any, please bring your DSLR/SLR/Camera/Phone
why why why why????

We would like to invite you for some picture taking of our stores/products...and we shall have it vote by all of the participant/forumer. Who have the best pictures will be rewarded by:

Audio Technica CKM30

I need to compile the attendance lists now.
Who are coming can reply here????

Guys...just a reminder, JH13pro Lucky Draw was still on going.....It shall be ending in about 1/2 months time.

Shall we give whoever that join our facebook business link a double chances...? Yes we shall...Search on Facebook "Jaben Malaysia", a local business in Malaysia.

Join our facebook now for double chances of lucky draws. Please be fast......

Apart of that, Please remember that, We are Jaben, Jaben was famous on a lot of lucky draw....so...what's next??

Hippo Shroom x1
Hippo Pearl x1

Ending this weekend???

Guys. Please leave comments, any comments here...to participate on this special lucky drawsssss....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alloy mod for Alessandro/Grado winner...

Winner is Mr kyl3...!!! "Light shown on him..."


Please retrieve it soon or else I will draw another guy
Price for the aluminium mod is RM240

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tons and tons of new poisons, you can't even digest...

Tons and tonsss of goodies arrived today... So many that you can't even digest...

First and foremost... Those who wants a headphone stand please be quick... it will be gone very soon...

The one and only go-vibes sharps... It will be gone in a puff...

Guess what is this...

Our stax arrived but it is booked and immediately taken... We will ask the owner to join our headphone meet at 1st of May if possible

Hi-fi portable player also arrived along... Amp3... Up for selling but we only have one...

Don't play a fool with this amp... Hi Quality Tube Desktop Amp... Hifiman EF5... Come have a try...

Audio Technica fans... Please drool on what we arrived today... A1000x and A2000x up for grabs...

And last but not least, those who missed out the previous testing on the opening day... the JH13PRO tester is here! :D

Do come and have fun...

Remember, Jaben loves you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UM3x arrival...

A small batch of UM3x just arrived... Grab this before they are gone again...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Audiophiles Entry Special Bundles

Guys, Have to come across our entry level special bundles??

Bundle 1 #
BeyerDynamic DT231pro - RM250
Hippo Pearl - RM120
Fiio E3 Amp - RM35

Bundle Prices = RM299

Bundle 2 #
Hippo VB - RM270
Hippo Amp - RM260
Hippo Safari - RM80

Bundle Prices = RM399

Bundle 3 #
CrossRoads Quattro - RM270
Audio Technica Onto - RM90
Firestone Fireye Amp - RM360

Bundle Prices = RM429

Bundle 4 #
Shure SHR240 - RM240
Hippo Epic - RM80
Linearossa W1 Amp - RM320

Bundle Prices = RM499

Bundle 5 #
Grado SR60i - RM290
Go-vibes Martini Amp - RM440
Grado Bowl Pads - RM50

Bundle Prices = RM589

Bundle 6 #
BeyerDynamic DT231 - RM250
Audio Technica CKM30 - RM150
Hippo Amp - RM260

Bundle Prices = RM499

Bundle 7 #
Hippo Pearl - RM120
Ordnance DAC1 - RM240
Sennheiser HD201 - RM110

Bundle Prices = RM369

Bundle 8 #
Denon AH-C252 - RM120
Hippo Safari - RM80
Firestone Fireye Amp - RM360

Bundle Prices = RM379

Please drop by to test up the headphones, and grab the special bundles before it end.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Metal Mod for Alessandro & Grado

Jaben Team have launched the Ultimate MS Mod. It's made of Aluminum and anodized red.

The pictures above show how simple this mod is. There are only two components and unlike the woodie versions, there is no need to hot glue any of the parts together.

To use this mod, all you have to do is to remove the drivers from you exisiting unit, soldered them back in place and screw down the top ring. This top ring is also where the earpads go onto.

Guess how does it sound, shall it be lay back and open with the BIG housing?

Stock arriving to Malaysia soon.
Please call up yuheng for pre-order

Jaben Network - Malaysia
+6016 7979 276
+603 5631 5055