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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jaben Network at KLAV, and the Grand Opening Lucky Draw

Howdie everyone...

We have a few important announcements to make...

First is that Jaben Network has gotten a space at the AV Show dated 23.7.10 - 25.7.10...
We have a room at Floor 8 Room 5. The show is located at JW Marriott Hotel. 11-7pm.

We will have a lot of fun events over there, more specialized bundles to choose for... more lucky draws... more...

Does everyone forget our GRAND OPENING LUCKY DRAW We do not forgot them. It is still the JH13Pro we will have. We will let our beloved Uncle Wilson to take the draws, as we will have trembling fingers, Lol laugh.gif And so we shall have lucky draw over there, at 2pm on the second day of the event 24.7.10. And he will get the chance of doing custom earmoulds on spot... Everyone take videos of his agony him if he arrives! biggrin.gif

Please note that Jaben Malaysia will not be operating at 22.7.10 to 25.7.10 due to the hifishow.

Apart of that, please drop by us to test the new product arrival.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~


  1. OMO OMO........jw!!!!!so geng!!! see if i can go anot this sat...

  2. Thanks for the article in this post topic. I fully enjoyed your blog post comments. That's very great to read. Nice post. Keep it up!


  3. haiya.. its a weekday.. problem to come.. by the time work finish and reach the place is alreadt 7.30... you guys are packed for the day...