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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stock arrival @ 1 July 2010

Ladies and Gentleman....

Goodies have arrived, do you love and miss our BOOM??? Yes we have it arrived. Please refer to the arrival lists.

1. Hippo Boom - The legend of Bassssss

user posted image

2. Fiio E7 - The Most affordable DAC/AMP

user posted  image

3. Centrence DACport - do some research you will know what is this???

user posted image

4. Denon AH C260, C260R, C560R...

user posted image

5. Ortofon Red - Rare and one unit left

user  posted image

6. Westone UM3x Detachable (sold) and non-detachable (One unit left)

user posted image

7. RSA IEM Pairing Legend - The Protector Amp

user posted image

Bring your "tools" for auditions our "toys"....The unit are limited....
See you around Jaben Store

Rdgs, yuheng/walabies

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