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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hunt you treasures here boys and girls!

Treasures, how should I open it?

Key? Nop
Chants? Neh
Secret code? Yea!

Hey guys,
Let's share our treasures, with ?
Secret code!!!

We are giving you all with treasure.
How do you get the code?
Very easy

Send email to choonbeng@jaben.com.my
with your personal information
Name :
Handphone number :
Email address :

I will send you a secret codes
Which allows you to open our treasure box.

Date : 20th december

Only those with this code are eligible to discover the truth.

The truth of unique breakthrough,

The sacred bundles.

Each only eligible to one set.


Key in the Code......

"Code Authentication..... Code Verified....."

Yes !! i'm on for the treasure chest

"Code Error, Extra Information required"

Oh Shit....

In Order to Open the chest, Please answer the following question

"What are the brands does Jaben Audio Malaysia distributing??"

Please Email choonbeng@jaben.com.my or PM choonbeng in Headjam.org with the answer and the code, each people only has one chance, take it seriously!!

For brand reference, Please head over to lelong.com.my and search for "Jaben". Brands distributing including earphone/headphone/cable/amplifier/Dac...

Date : 20 December 2010

Prize : Something from Olympus (1 set)

For those who failed my expectation, don't lose your hope yet, we are giving you mystery bundles in 00:00 20th December 2010 too

Only those who has code, which entitled the sacredness.

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