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Sunday, August 29, 2010

National Day Celebration

Hi Everyone,

Let Celebrate together for Malaysia's 53rd birthday...Shall we have some specials to get ourself enjoy better music on 31.08.2010?
Let have fun at Jaben Malaysia Store and you gonna to get this specials on the special day for Malaysian....31.08.2010.

Bundle 1
Govibe Sharps - RM999
Cryo Gold/Copper IC - RM310
Hippo VB - RM270

National Day Price -RM999 - Only limited to 2 sets

Bundle 2
Hippo Boom - RM150
Hippo Box Amplifier - RM300
Hippo Groove - RM59

National Day Price - RM299

Bundle 3
Beyerdynamic MMX1 - RM400
Crossroads Headphone Stand - RM120
Hippo White - RM120

National Day Price -RM399

Bundle 4
Beyerdynamic DT440 - RM560
Ordnance .22 Amp - RM460
Cryo Copper/Gold IC - RM310
Idock - RM50

National Day Price - RM899

Bundle 5
Hippo VB - RM270
Govibe Single - RM350
Itouch Ampsack - RM120

National Day Price - RM399

Bundle 6
Crossroads Woddy2 - RM350
Govibe DAC - RM240
Sennheiser HD201 - RM110

National Day Price - RM459

Let Celebrate together with your friends/family at Jaben Store....See you then.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Mystery amp

Something big is coming, something speciallll...
It is a very formidable amp...
Take a guess what amp it is gonna be...
Here is the sneak peeks...

Take a guess in our facebook, the first one who got it correct will have a Hippo Groove as prize

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Special day special bundles

I very good weekend to all our ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we will have a very special event on Tuesday (24 August 2010) because... After u guys come u all will know what it is... Lolz. Anyway, let's start the ball rolling by having another one day crazy bundle.

Everyone loves the sound of the armature driver, phanggg~ and the smoothness of the music right?

U guys will have:

Portable One Day Crazy Bundle
D-Jays (RM399) plus
Beyerdynamic DT231 (RM250) plus
Fiio E3 (RM35) plus
Glass hippo (price unknown. Memorable piece of present)
For only RM399!!!

Home One Day Crazy Bundle
Audio Technica AD300 (RM260)
Hippo VB (RM270)
Glass hippo (price unknown, Memorable piece of present)
For only RM299!!!

Only for one day event. Everyone is limited to have one set each only, if u want more, bring your friends along.
Oh and oh, please guess who is the mysterious guess.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Entry Bundle and Stock Arrival @ 12.06.2010

Ladies and Gentleman...

Thanks for making us succeed with our entry bundle, the good respond make us move, it motivate us to have wider range of entry bundle....


Also, we have some new arrival of AKG Products,


Please drop by with your friends, make your friends enjoy music differently, and make him love music as you do.

~~~Jaben Love You~~~

+6016 7979 276

Monday, August 9, 2010

New lineup of Hippo Products

Jaben Malaysia We just started selling some affordable range of Hippo products in lowyat (I mean officially put on sales). They can be found here... Come increase your Hippo product range! =P

Lowyat: New line-up of Hippos