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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Product Arrival - 30.06.2011 Hippo VB & Schiit Audio

A long waiting Hippo VB (Bass Adjustable), Schiit Audio & others toys are here :)

1. Audio Technica CKM77

2. Alessandro MS2i

3. Audio Technica A500

4. Schiit Audio (RESERVED)

5. Final Audio Heaven-S

6. Cryo Cooper

7. Klipsch S4i

8. Grado replacement pads

9. Denon AH-C260

10. Audio Technica CK400i

11. Alessandro MSpro

12. Ordnance .25 amp & USB Dac

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Special announcement on facebook!

Visit: www.facebook.com/jabenmy for more details.

Do you want a pair of ACS T1 (RM3899) Custom Earphone?? We will get 1 unit for lucky draw for our Penang Store opening on 26.06.2011, 10am.

Let's "Like" & "Reply" this to entitled the draw. Please reply with your name to entitled for this lucky draw. We will assign a No. for ur reply.

Please visit us at Strait Quay Penang, sunday, to entitled for 2 draw ticket. Please share this to your penang friends.


DJ Favorite .... Pioneer Arrival

You dream have come true, we have finally get our supply of Pioneer.
1. Pioneer HDJ500 - White & Red

2. Pionner HDJ1000

Come, and audition, before, it gone...... :p

The Jaben Team

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Shure stock arrival on 22nd of June 2011!!!

Hi Everyone,

Shure Headphone and Earphone had arrived.
1. Shure SE315

2. Shure SE425

3. Shure SE535

4. Shure SRH550DJ - New

Please drop by and have a listen.

The Jaben Team

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rejoice Everyone!! Jaben Network on Penang!!!

Jaben Network has been in Malaysia for a year. Due to all the support we have from everyone, we had manage to remain our existence till now. Cheers to everyone!
Nevertheless, failing to serve Northern region customers has always been a spine in our heart and we always wanted to setup a store on Northern region but the idea been delayed until... 26 of June 2011!!!
Jaben Penang's operating concept will follow what you will get in all Jaben stores: Friendly shop employees, funny events, soothing listening experience, a brizillions of headphones/earphones/amplifiers, new stuffs to tryout, free testing... And most importantly, FULL OF TEDDY BEARS!


For the current moment you only get to sneak peak of the banner hanging from our renovation. We shall reveal our shop lot on the day of opening!

There location of our Penang store will be located in a Shopping Mall name: Strait Quay@ Sri Tanjung Pinang, while Jaben will be on first floor 3A-1-29A & 29B (opposite Switch), and operated by our friendly Jabener Mr Liang (or so call neo or neosh)

Take a look at the location map below:


Ways to reach Strait Quay:

By Water Limousine (coming soon)
15 minutes from new E&O Hotel Pier

By Car
15 minutes from the city centre of George Town, 20 minutes from Batu Feringghi, 35 minutes from the Penang Bridge, 45 minutes from the Penang International Airport.

By Bus
Rapid Penang No. 101 & 103

For more inquiries, please call Mr Liang's personal 012-915 1944

As usual, in our Grand Opening Day, we had came out of a few special events, which we will post shortly... Just to let you have a small hint, the Grand Prize will be the item starts with alphabet A! The grand opening will commence on 10am, Sunday, 26 June 2011. Remember to mark down that date on your dairy.

We care how music sounds to you. See you guys on Grand Opening day!

Father's day special!

Hi everyone,

Let celebrate Father's Days together, we have seen a lot of people getting enjoyment products for your dad, a massage chair? what about a good music enjoyment product, a headphone? Here you go, all limited to 1 day only.

1. Home Specials 1
- Shure SRH840 - RM768
- Denon AH-C260 - RM150
- Govibe Petite DAC/Amp - RM600

Dad Specials : RM 1099

2. Home Specials 2
- Alessandro Ms1i - RM420
- Final Audio Piano Forte 2 - RM199
- Alessandro Case - Big - RM120

Dad Specials : RM549

3. Home Specials 3
- Graham Slee Solo (Green Power) - RM1950
- WireWorld RCA to Mini - RM170
- Audio Techncia M50 - RM699

Dad Specials : RM1999

4. Portable Ultimate Specials
- Ortofon EQ7 - RM1500
- HifiMan HM601 - RM900
- Foxl v2 Speaker - RM799

Dad Specials : RM2599

5. Portable Specials
- Radius TWF21 - DDM2 - RM1200
- Govibe Martini Amp - RM440
- Govibe DAC - RM240

Dad specials : RM1399

Have Fun Everyone, Get something cool for your lovely Dad, or yourself, as a lovely music listener... :D

The Jaben Team

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New stock arrival on 6th of June 2011

Hi Everyone,

Something new in the market, are finally here
1. Fiio E11

2. Final Audio FI-DC1350M1/M2

Apart of that, we have received some interesting item
1. Sennheiser HD25-II Professional

2. Vsonic GR07

3. Triple Flanges

1. Grado SR60i
2. Grado SR80i
3. Grado SR125i
4. Grado SR225is


Please drop by us and audition it. The new item might make your listening experiences different.
Of course, bundle are coming soon.

The Jaben Team

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy times! Gathering @ Penang! with Photos!

Hello everyone, it is been a thrill and exciting Sunday we had.
I had an amazing time with all of the people who attended the gatherings, we exchange views and opinions and jokes around...
We even had a few visitors from far far away land... Salute to them for the determination...
I guess being an audiophile in Malaysia isn't easy huh?

Anyway, I transferred some photos here... Who is able to recognize their own faces?

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
Hi Everyone,

If you have got any of Futuresonics, Westone, Earsonic, Shure and Fischer Audio from Jaben Malaysia last 3 months, please drop by and claim your free Triple Flanges.

If you wish to buy a pair of it, it cost RM27 a pair.

The Jaben Team, with love....and freebies...:D