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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pico new powerful portable amplifier, 4x as powerful as Pico slim

I remembered when we got the first Pico portable Amp/Dac in Jaben store, they were amazing and undeniably one of the best portable amp/Dac combo in the world. Besides its sound quality, the surface build of the Pico "Fat" (Yes we used to call it that time, because you have the portable amplifier pico "slim", and yea the fatter one should be pico "fat") the shinny surface which makes the product seem premium than others.

They announced their latest Pico portable power amp few years ago, but again nothing concrete until recent weeks. However, it is still on pre-order basis, no specification released yet, these are the few things we can extract out :

You can check out the review unit from Tyll at Innerfidenlity.com 

- 18V (2x9V) which is twice as powerful as the standard Pico amp and 4x as powerful as the Pico Slim.  This is the recommended amp for the hardest to drive headphones.
- Discrete output buffer circuitry
- Low/High gain switch
- First HeadAmp portable with removable batteries
- Estimated 20-25 hour battery life with high-capacity NIMH batteries, more if Alkaline or Lithium is used.
- Perhaps the smallest 2x9V amp (see the size comparison with the standard Pico).  The dimensions make it a close match with the iPod Classic, Touch, and iPhone.  Very thin, only 0.1" thicker than a 9V battery.
- Enclosure is precision machined from solid aluminum, including the battery cover.

The official price at USD375, it should be around RM1200 - RM1600

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