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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fiio latest flagship E12 portable amplifier

Fiio announced its latest project of Flagship E12 Mont Blanc portable amplifier couple of months ago, in the progress of time you get their released of design, specification and ideas, nothing concrete until January 2013.

Few days ago, they released the full introduction of the Fiio E12 Mont Blanc high end portable amplifier, include a full reveal of the amplifier design, internal explanation, circuitry design and features. One's that Jaben is exciting, It has much more power compare with Fiio E11, one of the greatest product we think it is amazing in Fiio amplifier line.

The E12 has slightly thicker, bigger and longer shape compare with E11, pretty close design with E11, we expect there should be changes, because it is their first "Flagship" portable amplifier. Nothing much added in, you get the standard line in, output, volume knob, bass adjustable and charging dock from behind, as mentioned what you seen in Fiio E11, you can also expect them in E12 Mont Blanc. From the specification : Output power : > 880mW(32ohm), headphone impedance : 16 - 300ohm, that is "big" in a size of E12.
We expect it has a huge capacity to drive "hard to drive" headphone, example such as Beyerdynamic DT880, Sennheiser HD650, AKG K701 or maybe Audeze LCD-2.  
There is no price release yet, but we estimate the selling price should be RM400 - RM550 in Malaysia.

Specification :
Model Name/NumberE12Color AvailableBlack
Audio Input3.5mm stereo jackHeadphone output3.5mm stereo Jack
Volume ControlALPS PotentiometerBass Boost1 Level
Drive ability16~300Ω(recommend)Power inputMicro USB 5V/2A
Battery Capacity9.7Wh(880mAh/11.1V)Battery Life>12 hours
Output Power 880mW(32Ω) Charging Time150minute(MIN)
THD<0.005%Output Impedance>5KΩ
Frequency Response20Hz~20KHzSignal to Noise Ratio>110dB
Input Sensitivity4.45V(Gain:low)/710mV(Gain:high)MAX input Level> 8 Vrms
Crosstalk 65dBChannel imbalance<0.5dB
Gain16dB(high);0dB(low);Bass Boost Range5.2dB@Bass:on 
MAX output voltage15.5Vp-pMAX output current171.7mA
Visit the full product page at : Fiio E12 Mont Blanc official page

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