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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Interview - Spring Biscuit Audio

Hey guys, today we have a special guest from Malaysia, you will know him by the name of Spring Biscuit, a guy who review headphone in Malaysia. We loved how he put elements such as availability, price value ratio, preference domestically in his headphone reviews, overall it does help in selection process.
Jaben Malaysia : Would you mind to introduce yourself?

Spring Biscuit : Hi Everyone, I’m SpringBiscuit from Malaysia, of course that is my nickname in my blog, imagine a real name with Spring Biscuit, that will be a disaster. Sorry I couldn’t put in my real name, secrecy is what my mum taught me hoho, I afraid my fans will stalk me! Nope I’m not a big fan of biscuit, I’m using it because it is a flash in my mind, no particular reason. You will know me from my headphone review blog, not the perfect one but with passion and honesty in it. Nothing much you can know about me, a crazy guy who loves music and headphone, wish to share with everyone and hope you become like me?! Not really wish to become a popular guy, just hope my though of music can be shared among Malaysians, majority about headphone and earphone, wish it doesn't bore you to death.

Jaben Malaysia : How do you start up and enter into this hobby? Any particular reason?

Spring Biscuit : Not really, I guess hobby is the key point no? You don’t need any reason for hobby, they are irrational to be explained. Music is the important part, everyone gathers around music and always there is joyful and harmony surrounded.  I guess I just take this hobby and entertainment into much deeper, treat it differently and change how it expands into. I wasn’t a fanatic about music many years ago, it might be due to crappy equipment makes music horrible. My first try of expensive headphone changed my point of view, it was Sennheiser HD580 from my friend. Since that day I started to realize Panasonic and Phillip(Consumer range) are not good for music listening, so I take a leap of faith and bought some “branded” on those times, It was Sennheiser and AKG if I remember correctly, and now, I’m stuck with this hobby.      

Jaben Malaysia : You have a review blog, what is your reference to them?

Spring Biscuit : Not an easy task, especially when we mention about reviewers, sources to review always the biggest problem for us, either we come out money ourself, or we are famous enough for manufacturer/distributor to beg you to review their product. I was on the first at that time, tough job and basically you got not much reference, I mean hearing skill reference, you need to have huge experience across from cheap horrible earphone to expensive high end sound system, so that you can make accurate judgement on them. Personally I’m not a technical guy, often you will see my reviews don’t include any specifications and frequency number into, what I think about that, is to be as easy to disgust by the consumer, professional term just leaves to other peoples

Jaben Malaysia : According to your blog, you mentioned a group of players, mind to elaborate?

Spring Biscuit : Getting equipment is not walking in the park, from my side alone, I really can’t fork out all the cash to get whatever I want in my review list, some do cost a bomb in their selling price. However, luckily I have a group of friend who is enjoying audio equipment, especially headphones and earphones, and this is my chance to borrow from them and get the review up. We always share among each other, never bought the same thing, this helps a lot when I’m able to choose which material I can use.  

Jaben Malaysia : How long is you plan for headphone review, will it be speaker review in the future?

Spring Biscuit : Good question, I’m not too sure as well. Currently I’m busy with other stuffs, the review is getting least in my attention, I’m so sorry about this problem and hope I can fix to a much normal periodic timing in the next few months. Once again thanks to Jaben for supporting me new equipment to review and reference, in the mean time I will still continue until the day headphone obsolete in the market, no estimation yet. Yes I do wish to do speakers review, especially hi-fi and professional speakers, they are interesting to listen and play with, but not with the wallet I assume and I’m lacking a nice room for them as well, in the mean time they will not be in the list of reviews.

Jaben Malaysia : If I were to choose a head/earphone for entry music enjoyment, any recommendation? Such as brand and model.

Spring Biscuit : It is confusing compare with last time, imagine all the “Branded, not-branded, rip off, OEM” are targeting  your wallet, choosing an earphone nowadays require a clear state in mind, what is your requirement and your budget.
Always set a budget from X – Y, so you will never exceed in that way.  Identify your own requirement, such as (indoor/outdoor, travel, gaming, music genre etc…). The best option is to always demo the product, as different person will have a different listening habit, however, it is not always as convenient to have a close by headphone audio store around you. So… if you are out of option, review and user comment might be your alternative, smart read is your best way to decipher pages or wall of text quickly. Most important, understand your requirement, e.g if you are a metal lover, try to read how the headphone respond to related signature, such as speed, impact, detail, treble and dynamic, these are the key elements for metal/rock music genre, as you don’t need excessive boomy bass, huge sound stage or superb natural sound to enjoy it. From what I understand, Jaben guy told me they are finalizing their selection guide which fit into this concept, however it is still under progress.           

Jaben Malaysia : How do you think about Malaysians towards this community?

Spring Biscuit : Amazing, but not on what we expected. The community is supportive and willing to share, I did attend gatherings on audio equipment, everyone is happy and enjoying what everyone has, they are open to all kinds of suggestion and equipment. Unfortunately, headphone and earphone are still treated as a luxury and lifestyle product, it should convert to necessity long time ago! We human listen to music anywhere, in car, office, LRT, café/restaurant, home, shopping mall, bar… literally everywhere don’t you think?   However, due to currency conversion rate, taxes and all sorts of reason, exposure of headphone is still limited in Malaysia, good quality earphone always priced at RM200 and above, while the Malaysians impression of earphone should be less than RM100, the Market and demand are not matched. Definitely it is growing, we can spot how the trend changes globally, without a doubt it will be a game changer in Malaysia future.  

Jaben Malaysia : What is your  favorite exotic you have?

Spring Biscuit : At the moment? Unquestionably Final Audio Design Piano Forte VIII, some people does question me, in the similar price range, why not the famous JH custom or branded, instead of FAD which is not a big Hoo Haa in the market. Yes, with the price I spend on FAD PFViii, it is equal to get a JH 16 pro custom earphone in current market price, personalization and multiple driver crossover, extremely accurate and detail in sound. Final Audio Design PFVIII is a total opposite of what we used to in the market, instead of making everything sounded correct, PFVIII wants you to take a step side way,
focus on not just the equipment sound but how the music able to present amazingly in the equipment. Give it a try if you have the chance, you might not like it in the first place, listen for longer time, you will be amused.

Jaben Malaysia : May I know what is music to you? Any truthful meaning?

Spring Biscuit : Oh yes, indeed they made my day, a happy one definitely. I listen to them very often, everywhere I should say, in front of my desk at the office, in the car (sometimes, of course you must be skillful like me) and during bedtime.
When I’m alone, music is the only companion I can get, they never complain about you, they never give up and leave you. Doesn’t matter how old you are, they suit you nice and gently.
They are my best friend, walk me over countless of lonely night, tenderly calm my heart and mind when I’m overly done….

Jaben Malaysia : Any last word to readers?
Spring Biscuit : You might not know me, or you don’t give a damn about it lolx, I just want to share my insight and experience to everyone as a reviewer and music lover. Continue your love of music, treat them as a hobby and necessity, I believe they can bring you endless joyful of time.       

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