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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Mook Headphone Festival

What is Mook Headphone Festival, why you should take part?

The Mook Headphone Festival is around the corner in Singapore SUNTEC CITY CONVENTION, the first time in SEA and probably the biggest.
For us, this is a great opportunity to showcase how headphone industry developed since, as a reward, this exhibition will be a great opportunity for audiophiles in the region to be in a proper "Headphone show".

Previously we have CanJam headphone show in US and FujiAvic show in Japan, considered the proper headphone show in the world, they are all about headphones, DACs and amplifiers. This time, we have the similar set up in Singapore, featuring 50 over brands in same roof, showing their latest, proudest and flagship product. Without a doubt, you can expect the arrival of mastermind behind the brand such as Jerry Harvey (JH Audio), Mr Takai (Final Audio Design), Michael Goodman (Centrance) and many more. They will be showing all the technology and magic in their product and of course, trying out for all of them is possible.

We have all kinds of exhibitions in this region, Car, Furniture, IT, F&B, and it is about damn time we pushed this industry to a different stage, an amazing headphone festival we should be proud of and be part of it.

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