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Saturday, March 17, 2012

It is here my friend, the Shure flagship!

Hi everyone,

it is quite exciting to see how Shure focusing on their new headphone line up, from the SRH240 up until the newest SRH1840, really provide a whole new options for music lovers, without a doubt, it is still maintaining the Shure house signature, clean, neutral, project tremendous details into your tiny brain, the quantity you can't handle, the experience of another level you don't expect.

the design of SRH1440 is stunning, futuristic but never lose out to our modern pace, greatly fit over your head, imagine a pillow weight of headphone, it will be awesome!!

the open and accuracy of 1840, it will be a new journey in your music map!


Shure SRH1840


Shure SRH1440


don't forget to try them in Jaben store!!

By The Jaben Team

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