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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Valentine Valentine...


It is a fine day,

2 persons who met
2 persons who fallen in love
2 persons stayed together... Eternity...
the love of... not 1 not 3
just 2....

Getting something for your lover?
worry on how to get in a set?

no worry, our Jaben bear will solve your problem!!

Jaben Valentine Special 2 items bundle

Bundle #1
Hippo VB In-Ear-Monitor
Audio Technica CKM55

Retail : RM 490
Lovers Special : RM299

Bundle #2
Beyerdynamic DT231pro Headphone
Audio Technica CKP300 Sport In Ear Monitor

Retail : RM 440
Lovers Special : RM299

Bundle #3
Audio-Technica SJ55 Headphone
Crossroad Bijou 3 In-Ear-Monitor

Retail : RM 440
Lovers Special : RM299

*Whoever purchase standalone item in a full price without discount, you can top up to get the remaining item in 1 Month (Please Present the Receipt)

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