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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Funny headphone photo contest!

Remember that we promised there will be another upcoming funny event? and here I kept my bear promise and bring you more. The prizes are... wait, I better don't reveal it yet. Everyone loves secret. See it for yourself.
We will announce the secret headphone or earphone 3 days later. On 10pm Wednesday.

I promise the headphone or earphone behind the veil will worthwhile your effort! Winners will get to pick the headphone OR earphone once the contest ends.

* The item shown does not represent the real item, it is only for demonstration purpose.

What you need to do is very simple:

1) Post a funny photo which is related with headphone on our facebook wall. http://www.fb.com/jabenmy. We promote originality thus using your kitten, your puppy, your baby, your wife, your kangaroo, your face as photo topic is encouraged. You can also take photos from internet but careful with copyright issues.
2) Use the following phrase: "Entry for funny headphone photo contest", with a simple description. I will show them how you do it on top.
Tag, beg, send message, SMS. plead your friends to like your photo.
3) One contestant is only allowed to post two photos max. We will only accept the first two photos.
4) Users are allowed to LIKE AS MANY PHOTOS AS YOU LIKE.
5) Contestant with the most likes will be regarded as winner of this contest, and can pick from our headphone or earphone.
6) Sit down and enjoy the combatants battle to the death! =D

Rules and regulation:
1) No explicit, violence photo allowed. Contestant will be directly taken out of competition or worse.
2) We promote originality. Any photo with self creation are highly regarded. Admins will try to take down reported photos based on situation. Any copyright issue is not be related with Jaben or its group.
3) Contest will ends at 10pm, 2nd of March 2012.
4) The admins reserve the rights to take down any unfair photos.

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