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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Win the Mighty ACS T15 now!!! Innovation, Creativity, Prizes

Hi everyone,

We Jaben Audio Malaysia are organizing an ACS Audio competition for upcoming week.

Definitely, as a head/earphone specialist in Malaysia, we are promoting good sounding, music enjoyment and a brand new experience you never taste before.

Right now, you will have a great chance of winning this awesome high end audiophile In-Ear-Monitor.

The ACS T15 IEM (Final Prize)…… which cost RM879 retail !!!


How will it sound? Stop waiting and try them! Win this competition, and you can now experience the real music that we are to provide and encourage.

How to take part?

We will separate into 2 stages, from that, we will pick our winner with more creativity.

1st Stage : Answer the following Question

“Why you deserve the ACS T15 professional IEM?”

Answer your question by posting in the same thread, we will pick 10 winners in first stage, and winners will proceed to the second stage.

(only winner of first stage will be able to take part in the second stage)

2nd Stage : Submit any article related to ACS/T15, example such as : writings, design, brochures, video etc…etc
As Steve Jobs says: ”Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

*Please create your own theme/design/idea, no copy allow.
*Please Email us your answer to choonbeng@jaben.com.my or yuheng@jaben.com.my
*We will publish your idea and design on http://www.headjam.org
*we have to right to publish your idea online
*Second Stage will be take part in http://www.headjam.org forum
*The winner of second stage will be chosen by public voting system
Remember , Please be creative.

*Duration for first stage will be 2 Days, which will be start on 10PM 9/10/11 till 10pm 11/10/11
*Duration for second stage will be 5 days, which will be start after we selected the winner for first stage at 12/10/11 10PM till 17/10/11 at 10PM

*The winner of second stage will be chosen by public voting system
*we have right to choose whether the contestant is qualify to take part on the competition
*we have right to change the policy application due to the problem arise.
*In the period of competitions, we will publish competitors answer in public, to share with everyone

For more information and question, please enquiry us either by email to :



Head over to our own Malaysia audiophile forum : http://www.headjam.org

The final winner will received ACS T15, but we also wish he could contribute some reviews back to us.

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