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Monday, October 31, 2011

The official launch of Jaben Online Store!!!

Hi everyone,

It is a fine day indeed !!!
it is closing end of the year, a new future is coming soon, very soon….

Should we wrap up the whole year with just few words?

Never!!! Jaben never fail anyone before,

let’s enjoy together
let’s continue our journey together
let’s remember what we go through together in this year

The year that we mustn’t forgot about

Shall we?

Let's celebrate our official launch of new online store!!!! Have a peek on our actual site is.


Cool site... Isn't it? You can click on the picture to have access directly or visit: http://www.jaben.com.my/shopping2 to browse the items.
Now you can check for new products or have an idea what the price would be for your desired item.
A fine lucky draw whoever got the most luck!!

Prize : GoldRing DR100 Headphone!

How to take part?

1) Head over to http://www.jaben.com.my/shopping2
2)On the bottom right corner, there is a news section
3)Click “Jaben New Online Store Lucky Draw”
4)Subscribe with your email
5)Voila and wait for your lucky angel drop on you!!

*Please use you frequent email, as we going to email the winner.
*Lucky Draw will end in 7/11/2011

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  1. Nice website, but i cant't seem to access the site... It says Not acceptable and error 404 not found