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Friday, July 1, 2011

BundleSSsss Month - July !

We're are going to have the " bundlesss Month" for July! check it out~~

Bundle 1.
+(RM420)Alessandro Ms1
+ (RM270)Hippo VB
+ (RM80)ACS ER20 universal Ear Protection

Retail : RM770
Bundle : RM499

Bundle 2.
+(RM420) Alessandro Ms1
+(RM120) Hippo White
+(RM310) Cryo Cooper Interconnect
+(RM1K) Govibe Magnum Amp

Retail : RM1850
Bundle : RM1380

Bundle 3.
+(1.6K)UE Triple Fi.10
+(RM130)ES8 cable
+(RM600) Govibe Petite/DAC

Retail : RM2330
Bundle: RM1380

Bundle 4.
+(RM1299)Beyerdynamic DT1350
+(RM460)Ordnance.22 Amp
+(RM150)Hippo Boom

Retail: RM1909
Bundle: RM1380

Come and have a listen before make your decision to bring them home

- Jaben Team -

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