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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jaben Special Auction #2

Hi guys and girls,
It’s been a long time since we last met, do you know that according to Mr Miyagi, that auction able to improve personal health and passion in life.

People usually bid on Jewel, antique, portrait....
Man.... those are so boring and dull....
We audiophile must be special, so.....

Yes, this time we going to hit hard and hell die not retreat brother and sister!!!

Date : 20th April 2011
Venue : Online Mibbit Channel
Time : 11p.m
Limited participants : None

Tutorial how to join mibbit :

Step 1 : Head over to http://www.mibbit.com
Step 2 : Click “ Chat Now”
Step 3 : Change to any nick
Step 4: Type in “#JabenAuction” inside the channel column
Step 5 : Voila! And you are inside the glorious auction channel

*Important : Please leave the default IRC channel to its own
Do you have any problem, please email me Choonbeng@jaben.com.my

Rules and Regulation :

#1 . Minimum price bid and bid increment will be stated during the auction.

#2 . No Prank, miss bid.

#3 . Winner must be provide information for recording and verification purpose.

#4 . All items will be totally new and agreed by the manufacturer for this promotion purpose, it will be sorely sponsored by Jaben Audio Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.

#5 . Postage is available.
#6 . Bid will end if there is no increment in 30 seconds.
#7 . The next bidding will start in 1 minutes interval resting.
#8. Those who failed to commit to our rules will be ignored for further bids.
#9. Winner please stay back until the end of auction

Item : #1
Shure SE420 Dual BA drivers In Ear Monitor
Brand : Shure
Retail Price : RM1138
Start Bid at : RM1
Minimum increment : RM10

Item :#2
Ultimate Ears Triple. Fi .10 Pro Triple BA drivers in Ear Monitor
Brand : Ultimate Ears
Retail Price : RM1600
Start Bid at :RM1
Minimum increment : RM10

Item: #3
Hippo Box+ Portable Amplifier
Brand : Hippo
Retail Price : RM300
Start Bid at : RM1
Minimum increment : RM1

Item #4
Shure SRH750 DJ Headphone
Brand : Shure
Retail Price : RM600
Start Bid : RM1
Minimum increment : RM10

Item #5
CrossRoad Woody 2 limited In-Ear-Monitor Earphone
Brand : CrossRoad
Retail Price : RM350
Start Bid : RM1
Minimum increment : RM10

Remember, Please inform your friends, families and lovers for this special!!!
don't miss out!!

The Jaben Team

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