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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jaben One Year Anniversary Gathering!


A year has been passed, time flies indeed, no more for halt, no more to waste.

It’s a hard year, a happy year, a memorable year for all of us, for Jaben, for you guys.
The voyage doesn’t end here, it’s just started, stripped our backpack and ready for more challenges.

Jaben crew are glad to have all the support from you guys, although the passion can’t really pass through wording, but we are going to prepare a special for all of you, just only for you guys only.

Special indeed, but those are not enough yet, for the upcoming future, Jaben Malaysia team prepare to strife hard to fullfill all the needs from our friends, to create happiness, to be the pionneer, leading in your heart.

Tough challenge, but what we was hoping for more, just the support from everyone, doesn’t matter if it’s spirit support, what we need is a passion, flow into our body....

Date : 1th May 2011
Time : 1pm to 3pm
Venue : Jaben Malaysia Store SS15 Subang Jaya, Selangor

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we are going to have a series of give away, lucky draw, specials...
Please bring your friends and enjoy the celebration, to share the joy with others.

We are going to give out 50 Special made T-Shirt from Jaben to the first 50 who entered the store.
We are going to have an unforgettable event ever.

Remember, Bring your friends, Families, Lovers drop over!!!

The Jaben Malaysia Crew

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