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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fiio Alphen E17, VSonics', and what, the 16 drivers Heir Audio customs

Huge anticipated for this product, currently one of the hottest value for money Amplifier/DAC.
With great review and all necessary features include.
Have a look for Fiio E17 Alpen.

Look above...
Not sure whether you guys have heard of this brand before.
V-Sonic from China, currently the hottest hit in worldwide.
Surprisingly, as a China brand, this company able to hit hard and compete with all the main stream brands at the current market.
The brand consist of wide range of products, promoting "Value for money, no fancy marketing, proud of P.R.C"

Have a look on this brand, do some research on them, i believe you will get shocked by the popularity over Google.

We have :

V-Sonic GR02


V-Sonic GR04


V-Sonic GR06


V-Sonic GR07 MKii

Have you tried JH Audio JH13, ACS T1, Livewire Customs in our Jaben Store?
Do you crave for more awesome custom?

What is the latest and hottest in current audiophile market?

Look no more, the Heir Audio 8A, the Crazy 8 Drivers per side custom which retail at USD1299 rival JH Audio JH16Pro.

How is the sound?

Come Jaben and you will know!!

And dont forget to drop by at our Jaben store to try them out.

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