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Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Earthquake fund raising campaign by Jaben!!!

On 11 of March 2011, a 9.0 earthquake has stroke Japan without warning. 20-foot tsunami swallow all the nearby houses without mercy. More than 10,000 human life were lost during this calamitous event. 400,000 Japanese are homeless and hopeless. Houses are razed to the ground, lands are cracked, hearts are ripped apart.

It is a catastrophe that not only that natural disaster has caused chaos and havoc in Japan, the worst is the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station nuclear leak into atmosphere that will cause long-term side effects. What is more, the blackout has made the rescue job tougher than before.

Jaben crews has been depressed by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. We would like to express our earnest condolences to all of the fellow Japanese who had suffered and lost their loved ones. During this time of crisis, Jaben crews would also like to offer hopes to Japanese and by the help of all Jabenites! We have negotiated with our Korean supplier Hippo should we do something to help our fellow Japanese friend, they actually offered quite generously to do a fund-raising campaign, and with the contribution of all of us, we shall start this campaign a successful one! I know our contribution is minimal, but every bits of help is what they need from us!

Our donation campaign to Japan will be, by purchasing any of the Hippo products, 25% of the sales will go to the charity, Jaben will match it with an equivalent 25%. The money donated will be passed down to Fo Guang Hui 佛光会in Malaysia.

If anyone could read Chinese, this will be the website: http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/196736

Anyway, I will translate the whole article directly for the wording by google translator.

"Japan earthquake, Malaysia Warm" ‧ Guang Li for disaster fund-raising day

(Kuala Lumpur, 15 News) Buddha's Light International Association of Malaysia began as "a strong earthquake in Japan, Malaysia Guang Warmth" program to raise money for charity.

The association issued a statement today that uphold the Grand Master Miyoshi driven movement, Buddha's Light International Association and the Malaysian Association in the world under the guidance of the resident also immediately launch a fund-raising campaign in the country, who called for mass mobilization of members and earthquake victims in Japan Warm, and help them rebuild their homes.

For Guang Shan temple now available to accept donations of all registered to April 1, 2011 to date.

Also careful to remind members of the Association, (a) does not raise money on the streets; by the respective units in the temple, clubs set up donation boxes, donations registration form.

(B) of the various units of the funds collected to compile a unified Buddha's Light International Association and then by the Malaysian Association of Malaysia, will go to the World Federation of the International Buddhist Relief account.

(C) a check payable to PPAB Fo Guang Malaysia, and indicates that: "Japan earthquake, Malaysia Warm."

(D) accept donations from other societies transfers.

(E) money received by the unit, must issue a receipt to the donor.

For those who are in any doubt, unknown, please contact the Financial Buddha's Light International Association of Malaysia: Xumu Mei 016-2719842, Secretary General of Jiu Mei 019-9553196.

A few of the models are the star of the donation campaign.

Hippo Ten RM210
Hippo Boom RM150
Hippo Shroom EB RM190
Hippo White RM120
Hippo Groove RM59

There is also a "Book of love from Jabenites - to Japen earthquake victims" that whoever visited and leave their names on the book, Jaben will donate RM1 to the charity society too. :blush:

Let's offer our help to cope with the aftermath of this tragedy! Ops, and campaign will ends at 30 of April 2011.

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