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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Audiophiles Entry Special Bundles

Guys, Have to come across our entry level special bundles??

Bundle 1 #
BeyerDynamic DT231pro - RM250
Hippo Pearl - RM120
Fiio E3 Amp - RM35

Bundle Prices = RM299

Bundle 2 #
Hippo VB - RM270
Hippo Amp - RM260
Hippo Safari - RM80

Bundle Prices = RM399

Bundle 3 #
CrossRoads Quattro - RM270
Audio Technica Onto - RM90
Firestone Fireye Amp - RM360

Bundle Prices = RM429

Bundle 4 #
Shure SHR240 - RM240
Hippo Epic - RM80
Linearossa W1 Amp - RM320

Bundle Prices = RM499

Bundle 5 #
Grado SR60i - RM290
Go-vibes Martini Amp - RM440
Grado Bowl Pads - RM50

Bundle Prices = RM589

Bundle 6 #
BeyerDynamic DT231 - RM250
Audio Technica CKM30 - RM150
Hippo Amp - RM260

Bundle Prices = RM499

Bundle 7 #
Hippo Pearl - RM120
Ordnance DAC1 - RM240
Sennheiser HD201 - RM110

Bundle Prices = RM369

Bundle 8 #
Denon AH-C252 - RM120
Hippo Safari - RM80
Firestone Fireye Amp - RM360

Bundle Prices = RM379

Please drop by to test up the headphones, and grab the special bundles before it end.


  1. Great bundles, btw, in bundle 6 the dt231 really rm50 only ah? :P

    p.s. do the bundles come with the teddy bear? lol

  2. Ouch, wrongly written, I change back to original price.

  3. So sorry the bundle do not come with the teddy bears :P

  4. ahh i just bought my hippo vb and now just come the bundle

  5. haha... don't worry, it is good by its own...

  6. owh man..i should have get the whole bundle..

  7. Denon AH-C751. Do you sell it? if not got any recomendation?

  8. the bundle on until?