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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro


No joke, seriously this baby is awesome. I tried it long way back during Hong Kong AVshow, however impression was not allowed to post up, but basically how great is this headphone? let me share some story on that, since the product...

Finally arrived in JABEN MALAYSIA!!!

we have custom design earphone in market, custom design amplifier for user, and yet we havent got any for headphone?
So... custom in design? bah that is way too normal and nothing special about that, there isn't any much things you can change with, thing like Monster Inspiration headphone, headband is the only available part for you to play with.

Custom sound? beside sending over your headphone for Famous DIYer, there isn't much options for you to adjust yourself.

So... here comes the Beyerdynamic from German, what they offering?


A full exchangeable design headphone!!

Parts able to change -it is close to everything
*Driver outer plate
*Driver outer casing
*Metal connector with speaker

Sound able to change - 4 Levels!
What does it changed?
Close or Open!

It is total unimaginable how much the sound can be change.

-Detail and accurate sound for detail lover and studio usage.
-Hyper bass punch of R&B, trance music.
-Open airy feel induce live concert feel
-Forward and aggressive with great speed
-Laid back and smooth for Supreme Vocal presentation
-Balance and neutral to get everything in one place
-Amazing adjustable bass for DJ performance usage.

I'm excited and amazed by this product totally.

Cool design, Versatile Sound and excellent features.

It is a total annihilation for other headphones =D

Don't believe? try it at Jaben malaysia now!!!

Ops, almost forget to put that, we are selling at RM799

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