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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Christmas! what jaben will be offering you is fun and santa claus!

It's Christmas! what jaben will be offering you is fun and santa claus!
M50 giveaway as present... but wait... Not so easy, talents and friendship on challenge!
 Hi everyone,

Good day, good day and good day again.
Well, it seems I love to repeat my words.

Off course!!
Jaben always repeat to serve our beloved friends to the ultimate!!
Jaben always love to reward who are creative enough!!

Once again!

We are having a competition.
This time, we want something more involve with everyone.

As Jaben always mention “love your friends, love yourself”

Final Prize : Audio-Technica M50 Professional Headphone

ath_m50_1.jpg     ath_m50_2.jpg
Venue : Facebook/Headjam.org
Date Duration :  15/12/2011 till 24/12/2011

How to take part?

It is easy.
head/earphone started to surround our modern lifestyle, our habit, our environment.

We will split into 2 stages -

First Stage :

Step  1 : Answer the following question in facebook “How head/ earphone involve in your life”

Step 2 : “Share” with your friend inside facebook cid:image012.jpg@01CCB938.47467A10

Step 3 : Call your friends “like” your comment cid:image014.jpg@01CCB938.47467A10

*With the highest “like” count, you are eligible proceed to second stage
*First stage duration is from 15/12/2011 till 17/12/2011
*Only 10  winners will proceed to second stage

Second Stage
(Only participants who got picked during first stage able to proceed to second)

Step 1 : Find/Create anything related to head/earphone.
(It can be picture, video, articles, drawing..etc..etc, something creative)

Step 2 : Send your masterpiece to  Info@jaben.com.my

Step 3 : “Share” the voting poll with your friends cid:image017.jpg@01CCB938.47467A10

Step 4 : Call your friends/families/lovers to vote for you!! cid:image019.jpg@01CCB938.47467A10

*Duration for second stage will be 7 days, which will be start after we selected the winner for first stage at 18/10/11 till 24/12/11

*Public Voting Starts at 25/12/2011 until 28/12/2011
*The winner of second stage will be chosen by public voting system
*Second Stage voting will be inside Facebook Poll System (At side panel).
*Headjam.org will be use for second stage publication.

*we have right to choose whether the contestant is qualify to take part on the competition
*we have right to change the policy application due to the problem arise.
*In the period of competitions, we will publish competitors answer in public, to share with everyone
*If you have any question, please email us  info@jaben.com.my

Boxing Day Special



did you enjoy the love that everyone gave you?

Now is the turn from Jaben.

Have you imagine of Hippo with Christmas hat?
That will be hilarious…

Hippo VB Online boxing special

Now you can enjoy:
 Hippo VB with RM270
cid:image024.jpg@01CCB938.47467A10+ A Special Bear from Jaben
 + A mysterious Gift

how do you do that?

When you purchase of Hippo VB in our Jaben Malaysia online store,
You are entitled to open 1 of 3 Jaben special box.

Inside the box consist of items range from RM100 to RM200
Take a leap of faith!

3 items in RM270? I believe Santa Claus can’t even fulfil that!!

*This special event only can access in www.jaben.com.my/shopping2
* It will start from 22/12/2011 untill 31/12/2011.
* Public voting will start at 25/12/2011 until 28/12/2011

Please Hurry Up!!!

New products in jaben ? we always do...
1. Centrance Range of Products
- Centrance DACport
- Centrance DACport LX - Line out Version of DACport
- Centrance Micport - Mic Preamp, with DA and AD convertor.
- Centrance Axeport - Guitar Preamp, with DA and AD convertor.

2. Audio Technica
- Audio Technica WS70
- Audio Technica PRO5MK2
- Audio Technica T200

3. Sennheiser
- Sennheiser RS180
- Sennheiser HD25-II (Adidas)

4. GoVibe Amp
- GoVibe DAC Box - 24/96 DAC+Amp
- GoVibe Martini+
- GoVibe Mini Box
- GoVibe U-DAC

5. Fostex
- Fostex AR4i

6. Beats by Dr. Dre
- Detox

7. Final Audio
- Heaven C
- Final Audio Piano Forte (New)

8. Beyerdynamic
- Beyerdynamic Opus29s

Wanna have a sample of it? Please visit our store...
Of course, bundle are coming very soon......are you ready??
Always remember Jaben loves you!!!

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