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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hari Raya Haji Specials.....

Ladies and Gentleman,

What is your planning for this short holidays, Do you visit your family and friends and you need a gifts? Or you are bored at home and you desired for good music.

Let's roll our happiness to our friends and families..

Specials 1 - limited to 2 sets only
Shure SRH840
Hippo Box+ Amp
Hippo White

Retailed : RM1188
Specials : RM818

Specials 2 - limited to 3 sets only
Ibasso D-Zero
Ibasso CB07 IC
Crossroads Stainless

Retailed : RM919
Specials : RM549

Specials 3
Denon AH-D501
Fiio E3
Koss Spark Plug

Retailed : RM385
Specials : RM278

Specials 4
Alessandro Ms1i
Alessandro Case Big
Crossroads Stainless

Retailed : RM890
Specials : RM549

Specials 5 - limted to 1 set only
Fostex HPP1
Beyerdynamic DT1350
Crossroads Wooden Stand

Retailed : RM4119
Specials : RM3099

Specials 6 - limited to 1 set only
Graham Slee Solo PSU1
Audio Technica A1000x
Hippo Case Large

Retailed : RM4470
Specials : RM3299

Specials 7
Klipsch S4
Govibe U-DAC
Audio Technica ON3

Retailed : RM598
Specials : RM438

Specials 8
Sennheiser HD408
Crossroads Bijou3
Iphone4 Case

Retailed : RM389
Specials : RM299

Specials 9
Audio Technica Pottery
Final Audio Piano Forte 2
Iphone 4 Case

Retailed : RM439
Bundle Specials : RM299

Specials 10
Audio Technica Button
Denon AH-C260
Iphone 4 Case

Retailed : RM299
Specials : RM199

Please share this excitement to your friends and families, we shall see you here.

Enjoy your holidays and Selamat Hari Raya Haji

The Jaben Team

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