Jaben Headphone Store - Malaysia

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jaben Malaysia - local business, "Like" lucky draws...

Let start our weekly lucky draw again :D

Go to our ---> facebook <--- for details!
We are so curious on whatever we do, people followed, Let make it fun and make people followsssss...

Please reply a comment here, named us what you wan on lucky draws pricez, The only conditions was to reply with any product from "CrossRoads" and "Hippo"...Whoever win this lucky ...draw shall get what he/she want :P. Ask friends to participate this lucky draw

due - 4/6/2010

I see people following us again. Really make me fall off the chairs...


  1. I want CrossRoads Woody 1 and Hippo Case! >.<"

  2. hehe bro, blog and fb also got the same lucky draw? ;)

  3. i want Crossroads Quattro! Jaben loves me!

  4. Don't know if still applies but...I like a HIPPO VB.